Monday 14 July 2014

Orico London Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover – A Multi-Tasker

A combined makeup remover for face and eyes is not something I would normally use. For every day I favour separates: a dedicated remover for the eyes (usually a liquid), and a cleanser for the face (usually a balm or foaming to use with my Clarisonic).

But for travel, especially airline with its 100ml hand luggage liquids limit, all-in-ones can’t be beat. They could even be a ‘life saver’ should your hold luggage go temporary walkabout with all your toiletries inside, as happened to my husband last summer hols (he’s not exactly big on skincare but he was without some essentials for 2 days!).

Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover Face and Eyes is one such all-in-one, developed by a new organic British skincare company Orico. The brand’s philosophy is this: to create natural skincare that counters the damaging effect that modern living has on our skin, i.e. pollution, air-conditioning, heating and stress.  In other words, skin that is constantly under attack from a harsh urban environment is nursed back to health via something that is pure and natural.

This makeup remover is a deep cleansing cream, packed with a heap of moisturising and conditioning natural actives, including coconut oil (the ingredient à la mode) and aloe vera (a particular favourite of mine). It also contains vitamin E, antioxidant superstar – it protects skin from UV damage and increases the efficacy of active sunscreen ingredients (among other things).

Also included in the formula:
-    Tangerine and orange essential oils to de-congest and increase circulation
-    Salicylic acid to remove dead cells  

Does it work?

It’s a light cream with a smooth texture that applies easily. You remove it, as you would a hot cloth cleanser, with a damp face cloth or muslin.

It is not an eye stinger, hurrah! Surprising as it may seem (or perhaps you’ve seen this too), I’ve found that a number of eye makeup removers smart my eyes if I accidentally get product in them. While I didn’t test this aspect specifically (by rubbing the cream directly into my peepers), I was applying it liberally over my eyelashes, so  I’m sure if it was going to sting  I would have found out.

What impressed me is that this removed all trace of my mascara. No mean feat. As I’ve yet to find a mascara that is fully waterproof or smudge proof, I rely on my trusted Clarins Double Fix’ Mascara. With this applied over the top, no mascara is going to budge!

This remover works. I also like that it’s heavy on naturals, rather than loaded with synthetics. It leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated. But I do find the aroma not quite to my liking. It’s got a notable orange scent. You may well love that, and while I’m not adverse to a citrus smell (in fact subtle ones I like a lot) I do find it a little strong. It’s a minor point, and a personal one.

Final Thoughts

Orico London Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover Face and Eyes is natural, it’s an all-in-one  and it removes eye makeup with mega staying power. If they’re the boxes you want ticking then I think you’ll love this. If like me you prefer separates for day-to-day, but are fond of a multi-tasker for travel, then I recommend packing this in your suitcase  - or should I say hand luggage!  

Orico London Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover Face and Eyes costs £15 for 75ml. You can buy it here.

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