Monday 15 September 2014

Synergie – Potent Grade Skincare On Test

You may recall that earlier this year I met with the creators of a brand new skincare concept that was set to launch in the UK. What was particularly exciting about it was the potency of the skincare.

An Australian brand called Synergie, the skincare included high doses of some of my favourite anti-ageing ingredients, plus a heap of actives I’d never heard of but which sounded incredible on paper (see launch story).  Also, I loved the brand’s formulation strategy  – combining cutting edge scientific breakthroughs with naturally derived ingredients, plus a commitment to ‘clean’ science (ie, no harmful or questionable ingredients).

Just before Summer I was sent samples of the Synergie range to try for myself. With my trial complete, and the Synergie concept now fully launched on our turf, it seems the perfect time to post my review.

Before I do I need to quickly tell you about a few branding changes.  In the UK the range will be known as Synergie (Synergie Skin in Australia). Also, the consultancy – the other half of the concept and in my opinion a vital half (as you will discover shortly!) - has been renamed (previously Visible), after founder Helen Ritchie.

My serums:

I was sent 4 serums and the Rejuvaderm Home Roller.  The serums were Ultimate A, Vitamin B and Suprema-C from the 5-a-day essentials range; plus SuperSerum from the a-la-carte, a line targeted at those looking for products beyond the staples.

Ultimate A


Contains a 10% dose of Retinol Molecular, touted as a next generation vitamin A.  It is said to make skin thicker, firmer, smoother and more hydrated, as well as deliver a more even tone and texture.

Vitamin B


Contains a high dose (13%) of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), another much heralded ingredient. The serum is said to make skin more robust and better at combatting skin conditions such as dryness, pigmentation and excess sebum.




An anti-oxidant moisturising serum which helps to prevent and repair cell damage. Contains stabilised vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) at full clinical strength (20%).




Sits at the top of the a-la-carte range and is an all-round anti-ageing powerhouse. It contains ingredients that are said to prompt our own body to repair and renew itself.  Also contains muscle relaxants to reduce crow’s feet and frown lines.


Rejuvaderm Home Roller 


Touted as the most comfortable roller on the market – gentle it certainly is! –  for 40x serum penetration.  It features 192 biodegradable polymer needles and unlike rollers with traditional metal needles will reset if dropped. Use before serum application. 


My Routine

I conducted a 4 week test, the equivalent of a full skin cell cycle. A small early hiccup meant I actually tested over 5! At the end of week one I checked in with founder Helen, and discovered I was applying the serums incorrectly. I was applying the A and C serums together and this is a big ‘no no’ because the latter negates the former! Oops!

Helen advised me to use C in the morning together with SuperSerum, then at night use A and B. SuperSerum can also be used at night but as it’s quite expensive (£100/30ml) you may want to use just once a day, as I did. Best then to apply it in the morning to take advantage of the muscle relaxants.

My twice daily routine ticked along as follows: cleanse, roller (roll firmly over skin 4 times in 4 different directions – takes just seconds), serums, then moisturise (daytime with an SPF). 

Observations and Results

The 4 serums are different in texture and appearance. C is the thickest - viscous and white in colour. Vitamin B is the thinnest - quite runny and transparent. These differences apart, all four were equally easy to apply and absorb. Also, just one pump of each serum was enough to cover my entire face and neck, so these 30ml bottles will last (I had 10ml sample sizes).
Swatches from top to bottom, left to right: Ultimate A, Vitamin B, Suprema-C, SuperSerum

A few days in to the regime I developed a few spots on my left cheek and chin. I was warned this might happen and if it did it was a good sign – it meant the serums were working!  I had a few further spots the following week, and then my skin settled. I was braced for worse so this muted response was rather welcome!

The first improvement came in week 2, earlier than I had expected. My skin felt very soft, which had the added bonus of making makeup really easy to apply!  By the end of week 4 my skin kept its softness and glowed! I was loving these serums.

Where I saw least improvement was with pigmentation, though I wasn’t totally surprised by this. The small areas of sun induced pigmentation I have are proving stubborn, to the point that I met my dermatologist last week who feels prescription strength creams and/or laser are the only way forward.  


Final Words 

The Synergie range speaks my language. I love the potency and the balance of science/nature. I do think you need to use it as a system, not cherry pick serums and combine them with other brands. These serums work best in harmony with one another.

Also, I can’t emphasise enough the value of My test re-boot proved this. These are potent formulas and knowing that Helen was at the end of a phone or email if ever I got myself in to a pickle was very reassuring indeed!

The Synergie range is available to buy now here. Prices start at £45 each for the Rejuvaderm Home Roller and Pure C Crystals.

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