Thursday 12 November 2015

Brow Talk with Billion Dollar Brows Founder Natalie Plain - Brand Launches at Boots

There’s a bit of an obsession going on right now with the heavily drawn on eyebrow look. I see it all over Instagram. Perhaps it’s something you totally love and copy? Personally, it’s not for me. Neither is it for Natalie Plain, the co-founder of Billion Dollar Brows - the US brows specialist whose range of products has just launched on the UK High Street at Boots.

“People are overdoing their brows. The insanity has got to stop,” says Natalie, whose products are all about creating ‘frisky fronts’, a natural looking brow that’s thick, healthy and well groomed. “It’s a look that can take years off your age”, notes Natalie, by way of some advice to those of us over a certain age!

Natalie is in the UK this week to launch her range at Boots (BDB best sellers are available in-store; a wider selection is online). I caught up with her in London to discuss the launch products, upcoming brow trends and celebrity looks – as well as to grill her for some expert tips!

BDB products available at Boots in-store include Brow Buddy (£22), a patented tool for creating a perfect set of brows - one customised for your own face shape. There’s a best-sellers kit (£49.50), containing everything you need to create catwalk-worthy brows at home; a 60 seconds to beautiful brows kit (£24), a brow powder and brush duo; plus a universal brow pencil (£17). Additional products are available online here.
The BDB UK Launch Range

Brow Buddy - Fool-Proof Shaping Tool

I’ve got the launch range and will be reviewing it shortly. My quick initial thoughts are that this is a great range from a brand that focuses solely on one thing – brow grooming. The brow buddy in particular has caught my eye (sorry, couldn’t resist) as being something very useful and fool-proof.

Meantime, here’s Natalie on brow trends, celeb looks, and her top tips…

The 5 big ‘don’ts’ of brow grooming:

. Don’t over pluck and mind the gap ie, avoid taking away too much hair between the brows
. Don’t pluck greys. They’re thick and healthy. Instead coat them with a gel tint (A BDB one will arrive here soon).
. Don’t pencil in eyebrows without blending. Blending colour with a brush is key for a natural look
. Don’t over-arch your brows - you want to avoid looking like an evil Disney Queen
. Beware of Botox. Botox must be applied with the brow bone in mind

Natalie on upcoming trends:

. More natural brows that work better with your own facial symmetry (stencils don’t work as they assume one style-fits-all)
. Highly customised brow tools for fine-tuning brow shaping and colour matching
. A universal style of brow across the globe

Natalie on Celebrity #Inspo

. Gigi Hadid – full, beautiful and natural brows
. Kim Kardashian – gone from thin and harsh to a more natural fuller look
. Gwen Stefani – also moved away from thin. Gwen’s brows are perfectly symmetrical
. Duchess of Cambridge – She’s been on a rollercoaster ride with her looks. Her brows have improved, but I would love to see them even fuller

* Natalie is doing in-store appearances this week. You can catch her this Saturday (14) at Boots Bluewater Park, Dartford 12-2pm and at Boots White City, London 5-7pm

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