Wednesday 4 May 2016

NEW: Color Wow Coconut Cocktail (Review)


Color Wow is tapping into some hugely popular trends with its new Cocktails range of products for colour-treated hair.

There are three products in the range: Coconut Cocktail, Kale Cocktail, and Carb Cocktail.

Coconut and kale are very much in-vogue as ingredients right now, not just within beauty but across the whole health and wellness sector in general. Carb Cocktail, meanwhile, is a nod and a wink to the fitness and nutrition craze where carbs (of the right sort) are key to giving us sustained energy and a bit of oomph.

It’s brilliant marketing - even the word ‘Cocktail’ is clever, alluding to something exotic and sophisticated. But let’s put marketing to one side and focus on the products themselves.

Of the three, I’ve been most keen to try Coconut Cocktail because a) I’m having a big coconut moment and b) it’s designed to restore silkiness and mobility to colour-treated hair (I need).

The products come in plastic silver bottles with screw cap lids. Apply a coin-sized amount to the palm of one hand, rub both hands together and apply the formula to freshly shampooed and towel-dry hair. With Coconut Cocktail pay particular attention to the ends and areas where restoration is most needed.

The coconut tonic (they’re sub-named ‘bionic tonic’) smells just gorgeous, a rich lush tropical fragrance that makes you think immediately of Summer.  The consistency is quite runny, so be careful not to dispense too quickly else you’ll end up with product dripping through the gaps between your fingers.

Coconut Cocktail smooths easily and quickly into the hair. Once done, blow-dry and style as normal. Blow-drying, while generally bad for hair (i.e. heat damage), here actually helps the product to work better - so rejoice!
Left: before, Right: after 
I’m truly impressed with this new Color Wow product. My hair is so much smoother, shinier and softer after I’ve used it. There’s more bounce to it, and volume - no need for me to get the Carbs formula as well then!

We all know that colour treatments can wreak havoc on our hair – they break down hair’s natural internal cysteine bonds which give each strand strength and resilience.  This new Color Wow range is designed to help reverse some of that damage, and from where I’m standing it does do that.

Coconut Cocktail can be used alone or in conjunction with Kale Cocktail – the sulphur in sea kale helps relink and reinforce hair’s vital internal bonds.  The products are available now at £22 each (200ml) here.

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