Tuesday 28 January 2014

New products: Temple Spa, Murad, Bioeffect

  Temple Spa Eye Truffle

Temple Spa, whose Skin Truffle achieved a highest ever rating with the prestigious Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, who dubbed it a ‘dream cream’, has developed a formula for the eyes. With a list of ingredients that sounds good enough to eat, Eye Truffle is formulated with black summer truffles, champagne extract, strawberries and cocoa butter. It also contains gold and silk actives, as well as other advanced and luxury ingredients for boosting collagen, firming, brightening and leaving skin silky smooth. It also treats dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. RRP £60 for 15ml it is available now at Harrods Apothecary Hall. From 15th February it will also be available at Templespa.com and Selfridges.

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion


Monday 27 January 2014

Tried And Tested: Philips ReAura, My Two Year Journey With Fraxel Home Laser (Part 1 of 2)

It’s been more than two years since Philips launched the ReAura fractional home laser. Wow! It doesn’t seem that long ago.

That’s actually an awful long time in the ever evolving world of beauty. And yet the ReAura remains one of the most advanced home devices, despite no upgrade since launch.

When I first heard that Philips was developing the ReAura, I was incredibly excited. Fractional lasers had transformed professional skin rejuvenation. Here was a technology that could smooth wrinkles, zap hyperpigmentation/age spots, and all in all give us the dewy fresh skin that most of us crave for without the downtime associated with the more aggressive ablative lasers - which leave skin red, sore, peeling and swollen for weeks.

But there was a downside – cost. A single professional fractional laser treatment still easily sets you back over £500 and you’ll need several treatments to make an impact. Ouch! Indeed. So the prospect of a relatively cheap (£799) home solution got me salivating. Even more so when I heard that Philips was developing the ReAura in conjunction with Fraxel, widely seen as the gold standard in fractional lasers. I just knew that I would have to have one of these little beauties as soon as possible.

Duly, in November 2011, I bought a ReAura. Since then countless bloggers have posted about their early experiences with the device. It would be pointless for me to do the same. As a very early adopter, my aim here is to bring something new to the table: the ReAura, results two years on.


Thursday 23 January 2014

Sleeping Mask Among New Guerlain Blanc de Perle Whitening Products

Guerlain has unveiled its first Blanc de Perle sleeping mask, together with three other new skincare products in the whitening range.


Monday 20 January 2014

Two Special Promotions Mark Launch Of Perfect Pout Jewel Encrusted Organic Lip Balms

These gorgeous organic lip balms in jewel encrusted cases officially launch today. The company behind them, Perfect Pout Co, is offering 20% off next purchase with all orders placed this week and is also running a Valentine's Day competition to win one.


Saturday 18 January 2014

My Top Rated: Hydrating Masks

Liz Earle - Aromatherapy Associates - Rodial

January is a miserable month. The days are short, the New Year feelgood factor has gone and the weather wreaks havoc on our skin.

Blimey, that is miserable. Roll on Spring. Well, we can’t speed up time but we can at least give our skin a little bit of extra TLC to help it through the winter months.

A brilliant treat in winter is a deeply nourishing mask which will help replace the moisture sapped from our skin by the unavoidable fluctuating temperatures – we’re outside in the cold and wind one minute, then indoors with the central heating set to max the next. No wonder our skin complains.


Thursday 16 January 2014

Space NK new arrivals round-up…

Here’s a quick overview of new products due in-store and online at Space NK next week:

Nude Advanced Renewal Overnight Repair Mask

Contains vitamin-rig fig and honey to nourish and soothe stressed skin, essential omegas 6 & 9 via Cupuacu butter to hydrate and protect, plus moisture barrier forming peptides to smooth out wrinkles. £42 for 75ml. Available from Monday (20)


Tuesday 14 January 2014

Trio Of New Decleor Products Target Age Spots At Source

Decleor has added three new products to its Aroma White C+ anti-ageing range, each a highly targeted treatment for age spots. The products – available nationwide from tomorrow - contain new plant extract and essential oil formulas to limit the factors responsible for producing pigment spots. 
Dark Spot Corrector


Expert Dark Spot Corrector

Applied directly to dark spots via an applicator, this treatment works to continuously correct and reduce the appearance of existing dark circles whilst also working on pigmentation deep down. RRP £35 for 15Ml.


Monday 13 January 2014

Tried And Tested: Sqoom Review (Part 2 Of 2)

8  Week Test - Final Results

In part one of my Sqoom review (posted 6 January) I reported on the subtle early results I was getting with the device – noticeably more nourished and moisturised skin. Did the results build over the eight weeks?

To recap, Sqoom is a device which uses a combination of ultrasound and ionisation to push active Sqoom anti-ageing ingredients deep into the skin, deeper than is possible with topically applied creams. The treatment is designed to stimulate the production of the skin’s own collagen and elastin, thereby smoothing out wrinkles and giving a more youthful complexion.

Did Results Build?


Sunday 12 January 2014

Wednesday 8 January 2014

L’Occitane Launches Shea Butter Fabulous Multi-Purpose Oil

If you’re looking for treatment oil that’s versatile and also deeply nourishing, you should check out L’Occitane’s new Huile Fabuleuse which officially launches today.

Huile Fabuleuse/Shea Butter Fabulous Oil is a multi-purpose dry oil for body, hands and hair. It is rich, silky and deeply nourishing – just the thing for this time of year when skin and hair can be exceptionally dry. The oil is quickly absorbing and has a comforting scent.

Shea Butter Fabulous Oil contains 5% shea oil, date seed and baobab oil to nourish and soothe. It will be available in-store from 16th January priced £29 for 100ml. For further information on L'Occitane click here

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Algenist ‘Ultimate’ Skin Cream Arriving At Space NK

Devotees of Algenist will be able to get their hands on the biotechnology skincare company’s ‘ultimate’ new anti-ageing cream online and in-store at Space NK from 20th January.
Arriving at Space NK


Eve Lom Makeup To Debut Online and In-Store at Liberty’s 16th Feb

Eve Lom’s eagerly awaited make-up range will become available to buy from 16th February on-line at evelom.com and debuts in-store at Liberty’s London.

Radiance Perfecting Complexion - Eve Lom’s first make-up range - reflects a growing trend for blending active skincare ingredients into cosmetics.

Monday 6 January 2014

Tried And Tested: Sqoom M2 (Review Part 1 of 2)

Buzz Builds Around New Sqoom Device

There has been a growing buzz around the Sqoom ever since Selfridges exclusively launched the new and improved M2 model last summer. Intrigued, I quickly got my hands on one and I have to say, having tested it, I love it.

What is it?

The Sqoom uses ultrasound and ionisation to push active Sqoom anti-ageing ingredients deep into the skin, deeper than is possible with topically applied creams. This stimulates the production of the skin’s own collagen and elastin, thereby smoothing out wrinkles and giving a more youthful complexion.

The device uses a 1Mhz ultrasound frequency, unlike many other facial devices which use 3Mhz. Ultrasound frequency is a topic of heated debate on the beauty forums as 1Mhz is considered by some as not suitable for the face, only the body, because of the depth at which it penetrates the skin - the lower frequency has higher penetration. However, Sqoom argues that the 1Mhz is safe and required to deliver results, and cites scientific and dermatological testing to back up its claims. Also, I myself have not had any negative reactions, quite the contrary, and I have yet to hear of any issues elsewhere.

The Sqoom is made by German manufacturer Schick Medical. It costs £549 at Selfridges, putting it at the premium end of the at home beauty device market, and when I last checked yesterday (Sunday) it was currently out of stock there - did I mention a growing buzz?

In The Box

Sqoom M2: In The Box
The Sqoom comes with the device, cradle, power cable, instruction manual plus two gels: a 50ml Cleanser and a 50ml H+ HyaGel. One ingredient common to both gels is Aloe Vera, which has incredible moisturising and healing qualities. The HyaGel is the real workhorse and contains fragmented hyaluronic acid which Sqoom claims is much more effective than standard hyaluronic. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in skin and its decline after the age of 30 is a key factor in ageing.

As for the device the transducer is good and large and made with strong titanium alloy. The build of the whole machine is very sturdy. There are seven programmes: cleansing, massaging, lifting, whitening, ultrasound only and two settings for the delicate eye area. The first three are key and used throughout the 6-month treatment programme; whitening is optional and for treating age spots (used in conjunction with Sqoom’s DeSpot gel). At the start, each treatment takes 12 minutes and is daily. In the final 11 weeks of the programme you only need use the machine twice weekly and each treatment takes 16 minutes.

Does It Deliver?

Following an eight-week trial, the simple answer is yes! I treated in the evening and even on the morning after my very first treatment my skin felt noticeably more nourished. In my second post, which I’ll publish very shortly, I’ll reveal the full results of my Sqoom trial, during which I used no other device with similar anti-ageing claims in order to give the Sqoom a fair test. Beyond the trial, I am continuing to use the device and in part 2 of my review I shall also give you some post-trial usage tips.

For further information on the Sqoom and retail partners visit http://www.sqoom.com/en/.

Wednesday 1 January 2014

It's All About Skincare And Gadgets

Welcome to Face Up Beauty, a brand new blog throwing a spotlight on luscious skincare and at home beauty gadgets. Not another beauty blog I hear you cry? Well, yes and no. Yes it is a blog about beauty but it won’t cover pure makeup, or fashion or style. My blog is all about sticking to what I know a lot about - rejuvenating skincare and at home beauty devices (plus an occasional word or two on other little beauty luxuries that make life a tiny bit sweeter).

As far back as I can remember I have had more than a passing interest in skincare; in my early teens weekly home facials were an established part of my routine. But whereas my skin then would remain plump and line free no matter what I put on it, today, a few decades on and with a teen of my own at home, trying to keep my skin looking as youthful as possible has become a much more challenging affair.

According to widely quoted research, from the age of 30 we lose each year 1.5% of our collagen (the structural protein that gives us smooth plump skin). It’s a depressing statistic. But help is at hand in the shape of the plethora of anti-aging products and at home skincare gadgets on the market. But with choice comes a problem. Anti-aging products are relatively expensive to buy and how can we tell what is going to work and what isn't before we purchase them?
Some of my skincare and gadgets
Over the past few years I have bought, tried and tested a whole multitude of skincare and gadgets. Some of them I have gone on to love, others I have not. Trying out new products and finding out about latest innovations has become a genuine passion for me, and one that I would like to share with others via this blog.

Check back here again next Monday (6th January), when I’ll be publishing my first blog proper, a tried and tested review of a luxury at home beauty gadget- Back soon
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