My blog has always been a reflection of my hobbies and interests and over time their relative importance has changed. When I launched the blog Face Up Beauty in 2014 the main thing I wanted to write about was skincare and pro-ageing.  About a year later I was covering health and fitness too, inspired by decades of weight training in gyms, so I bought and added the Face Up Fitness URL. 

In 2016 I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. Suddenly health and wellness took centre stage and Face Up Fitness became a bigger part of my blog.  As my arthritis has progressed I've taken a huge interest in finding out how exercise can help people living with the disease. Exercise is now recommended as one of the best treatments for managing arthritis pain and delaying joint replacement surgery.

But exercise is a complex treatment and I have learnt many lessons along the way. Sharing my stories to help others is what motivates my blog writing today. In July 2021 I renamed the blog to Face Up Fitness, Living with Osteoarthritis, to better reflect the content I am now posting. 

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