Sunday 9 March 2014

Beauty Boots – A Post Inspired By My 9 Year-Old

I was so excited when I picked up my  gorgeous new Ilse Jacobsen wellies on Friday, that I told my family that I simply must write a post about them on my blog.

Then my 9 year-old daughter pointed this out: ‘Oh mummy, you can’t put them on your blog. They don’t have anything to do with beauty!”

She was right, of course. But she then piped up: “I know, how about if you put some of your beauty things inside them. Then you could put them on your blog couldn’t you?” Genius!!

So here, thanks to some clever thinking by my lovely daughter, is a picture and a post about my fantastic new Ilse Jacobsen wellies, dressed above with my favourite Jo Malone perfume, and modelled (sort of) below by me.

If you fancy the look of them (the wellies that is), you can find them on the high street at just one UK store currently, in Tunbridge Wells (they are available more widely online).

The boots are made of 100% natural rubber. They have cotton fleece lining and light insulated soles, making them the most comfortable and warm wellies I have ever donned. Priced at £100 they also feature interchangeable laces.

But if your preference is for the Jo Malone, more on that here. The cologne fragrances pictured are Pomegranate Noir, Lime Basil & Mandarin, and Grapefruit - all £39 for 30ml. 

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