Monday 2 November 2015

Puressentiel – the Complete Muscles & Joints Range Reviewed

I’ve been waiting for the right time to crack open this little collection of muscle and joint products from Puressentiel, the natural health and wellness brand that I first reviewed here.

That time came a few weeks backs after a killer leg session with my personal trainer. I was doing dumbbell hamstring curls. They’re not something that I had attempted before – you lie face down on a bench, grip a dumbbell between your ankles and lift it up with a knee bend. It’s tricky and requires a lot of concentration – I kept thinking the dumbbell was going to slip out of my grip and go crashing to the floor!

As is so often the case with exercise, I felt fine while I was doing it – I had no muscle ache at all. I was actively encouraging my PT to pile on a bigger weight until I got to 14kg (that was tough). But the next day… oh crumbs… my glutes really did hurt, particularly when attempting to walk up a flight of stairs. Yep, it was time to reach out for the Puressentiel.

Puressentiel’s muscle & joint range consists of the four products you see in the main picture: the roller, gel, balm and heating patches. I’m going to start by talking about the three in the skincare line.

In terms of scent there’s nothing much to distinguish between them. They are loaded with essential oils – 14 in each product. They include eucalyptus, which as you no doubt know has a very powerful aroma and one that personally I love. I find it a hugely comforting and calming scent. Other ingredients include cajuput, roman chamomile, cloves, wintergreen and juniper.

After smell, it’s a case of which type of formulation you prefer – balm, lotion or gel. 

Puressentiel Articulations Muscles & Joints Roller - £11.99 for 75ml 

This is my favourite of the three products and the one that I found most soothing for my sore glutes. The roller acts as a massager. To get started tip the roller vertically with the head facing downwards, so that you release some of the lotion. Then simply roll at will, kneading the lotion with a little hand pressure into those sore muscles.

The roller was just what my sore glutes needed and using it was bliss. But there was more ‘soothing’ to come. The thing about eucalyptus is that it leaves a cooling effect on the skin.  So even after I’d finished using the roller, my muscles carried on feeling re-energised with the eucalyptus oil making my skin feel tingly and fresh.

Puressentiel Articulations Muscles & Joints Gel - £9.59 for 60ml

To me this is more of a cream than a gel (see pic above) and it’s thicker in texture than the roller lotion. If you don’t like massage (and not everyone does) then this cream/gel formulation may perhaps be more your thing. Apply it to problem joints and muscles such as a tense neck, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips… the list goes on.  Again, this leaves skin feeling super tingly, fresh and re-energised.

Puressentiel Articulations & Muscles Balm - £7.99 for 30ml 

Generally I use lotions, creams and oils on my body; balms I tend to reserve for my face. Once I’d got my head around using the balm on my body I enjoyed the waxy feel of the balm on my joints and muscles. It additionally contains shea butter, beeswax and sunflower oil.

Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Heating Patches - £9.59 for 3 Patches

These are made from 100% natural ingredients. They can be cut to size and are applied directly to dry skin on areas often prone to muscle tension such as the back of the neck, elbows, lower back and knees.

The idea of these patches is that they release a gentle heat to relax and soothe tense areas, providing up to eight hours of heating time. Sadly, I was unable to test drive them as I couldn’t get them to heat up – I think they must have activated somehow whilst in the post to me!

You can buy the Puressentiel Muscle & Joints products from Boots here - there are money savng offers running currently if buying online.


Result! I've got a second set of the heating patches to work - seems the first packet did activate in transit. These patches really do what they say on the box - they heat up to soothe sore muscles. The feeling is not unlike holding a water bottle against your skin (one with a cosy fluffy cover on it), but obviously these are much more convenient as they're small and stick to your skin, allowing you to carry on doing normal activities (unlike if you were having to hold a water bottle against your muscle).

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