Friday 20 May 2016

Pass the Bucket – I think I’m Going to be Sick!


Oh boy, what a week!  I have spent the past four days in bed, grounded by a virus that has rendered me incapable of doing anything but sleep.

Apart from my stomach feeling like it has been clamped inside an 19th century corset, and having intermittent headaches and nausea, my symptoms haven’t been too horrendous. I haven’t had a temperature and neither have I been sick, physically.

What’s floored me is the feeling of total exhaustion. I just needed to sleep! We know we should listen to our bodies in such circumstances: snuggle down under the covers, switch off the CPU and shut down the system until recovered.

But life rarely affords such luxury. There’s a home to run; kids and a husband to deal with. I retract that last point. Hubby has been a trouper. He’s taken over the running of the house and dealt with the kids, all whilst keeping down a stressful job. But what he hasn’t been able to do is write my blog. Oh goodness, THE BLOG!!

And this got me thinking. What do other bloggers do when they’re ill? I haven’t posted as scheduled this week. I have barely been on social media. I have written very little. On a more specific blogging level, I haven’t trained at the gym and my skincare regime has gone kaput. This has all really bothered me. 

It is perhaps only at times of illness that we fully appreciate how finely tuned our bodies are and how quickly the rug can be pulled from underneath us. Without good health, life stands still. This week has made me realise just how important it is to look after my body, and perhaps listen to it more often than I do.  Are you guilty of that too?
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