Wednesday 28 September 2016

The lights by TENA #noonetoldme campaign and why breaking women's health taboos is key

At the tail end of last year I tried an Insanity class for the very first time. It was challenging! Lots of leaping up and down, jogging on the spot, toe touching, sky reaching… you name it, as far as maximum intensity cardio training goes, it was there.

Part way through the session I had a ‘wee’ (you’ll get the significance shortly) oops! moment. A little embarrassing one, you know, an involuntary leakage. It was only very very slight but it was enough to freak me out. I was mortified to the point that I didn’t even mention it to my close mate who was with me (and we share most secrets).

I was reminded of this exercise-induced emmission a week last Sunday - at a ‘lights by TENA’ event I was attending at the health spa Champneys Springs, in Leicestershire (above picture, circuit training). Bloggers were gathered for a bootcamp and beauty treatments, and a presentation on the brand’s latest marketing campaign, #noonetoldme.

The campaign is seeking to get women talking, encouraging them to open up about their ‘oops!’ moments, or as lights by TENA calls them ‘Oooops' moments – doubly cringe-worthy ones, perhaps? The aim is to break the taboos surrounding the many health issues women face as they age.

I applaud the campaign wholeheartedly. For far too long silence has shrouded what happens to women beyond the age of 30. At school there is sex education, preparing girls for menstruation and so on, but where is the talk on post-natal health, and menopause?

How to get involved

Lights by TENA wants to hear your stories. In return, you could win prizes from shopping vouchers to a city break. Visit the #noonetoldme  website for more details. For inspiration, the brand has teamed with celebrity GP Dr Hilary Jones (an ambassador for the whole campaign) to put together a list of common Oooops moments, such as:

#noonetoldme spots would continue to pop up
 #noonetoldme about wanting more sex in your thirties
#noonetoldme I wouldn’t be able to handle a g&t like I used to
#noonetoldme my hair would be less luscious
#noonetoldme about those unexpected little leaks 

Why lights by TENA?

The campaign ties in with the brand launching four new ultra-thin liners and ultra-towels, both for light bladder weakness. They are thin, soft, flexible and discreet – more so than regular liners (we compared) – and they are also said to be five times drier (we watched a demo – see pics below).

One in 3 women will experience light bladder weakness at some point in their lives, according to TENA’s research.
Equal measures of liquid

Lights by TENA (L) has soaked up significantly more liquid than standard liner (R)

The Champneys event formed part of the campaign too, inviting bloggers to spread the word. In addition to the presentation, there was meaning in the activities we did – circuits, yoga and beauty treatments.

Staying fit can help to stave off the signs of ageing, and it should include a focus on pelvic floor health. Hands up if you’ve had a kid and you’re still doing pelvic floor exercises daily? I thought not! I’m asking mums out there as it’s only usually just after pregnancy that kegel exercises (to give them their proper title) are talked about.

Yet, pelvic floor health is something women of all ages should be aware of – a weak one can lead to organ prolapse (please don’t google it if you have a weak stomach!). Pelvic floor problems can also crop up if you train with heavy weights at the gym. I wrote a post on that (here), and there is a pelvic floor fitness app available via the #noonetoldme website.

So where do the beauty treatments we had come in? It’s crucial to take time out and have a proper pamper, as I am doing here with a most awesome back massage (bottom pic). Relaxation, in addition to exercise, contributes to achieving naturally radiant and younger looking skin. Fact!

More on lights by TENA here.

Pics from blogger event:

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