Monday 9 June 2014

Heading For Sun This Summer? You'll Be Wanting This Then...

The BackBliss lotion applicator
You know that warm feeling you get when you discover a product you’ve been hoping someone would one day invent. That’s my story with BackBliss.

BackBliss is a natty little tool that helps you apply creams and lotions to that middle part of your back which is impossible to reach by yourself. At first you might think it a bit crazy that I’ve been waiting for a product that looks like a giant shoehorn (and I wouldn’t honestly blame you), but do hear me out.

You see, I have a problem that crops up each summer which BackBliss promises to fix. It goes something like this...

… It’s August and I’m on hols with my family in sunny climes abroad.  Now, as much as I love my family, I do like to take myself off for a bit of ‘me’ time. This usually involves sloping off solo to the beach for an hour or two or perhaps nipping down on my tod to the hotel pool with a good read in hand.

So there I am, by myself, soaking up the sun safely (broad spectrum 30SPF fully applied) and losing myself in a good book. I’m in paradise. At least for a while, until I start to feel the sun’s rays burning my skin. How on earth am I going to re-apply the SPF to that awkward spot in the middle of my back? I reckon I have 3 options: 1) don’t worry about it and let my back frazzle in the sun 2) ask the nearest stranger if they would mind smearing cream on my back 3) pop on a t-shirt.

The first option is clearly bonkers, the second could be misinterpreted as some naff chat-up line, and the third? Well that’s my only option really, or at least it has been up until now.

So what exactly is BackBliss?

It’s a hand-held plastic applicator which really does look like a large shoe horn, but curved to the shape of your back and equipped with a pad at one end. You squeeze cream or lotion on to the pad (made of special low absorbing material) and use the applicator to help you apply it to your back (hold it as you would a back scrubber). Voila! 

So simple, it’s surprising no one has come up with the idea before. Or perhaps there aren’t that many who share my problem? Though of course, it’s not restricted to SPF application – you could use it to apply any cream, lotion or oil.

The patented BackBliss has already won creator Caroline Wagstaff an invention award and an appearance on BBC 2’s Dragons’ Den, who advised her to spread the word by herself, rather than take outside investment. 

When I got emailed the press release on BackBliss  I did find myself nodding in agreement as I read it. “Say goodbye to ever having to ask someone to put sun tan lotion or cream on your back,” it read. Yes indeed! “Your partner, friend or colleague is not always willing to cream your back, they are not always by your side.” Absolutely right! “They often do it begrudgingly, or simply not very well. Sometimes you just don’t want to ask them again!” Sorry hubby!

So naturally I jumped at the chance to try out the BackBliss for myself. I’ve tested it with both SPF cream and standard baby oil. Here are my thoughts: 

-    It works! Able to reach and apply topicals to tricky spots
-    Pad is nice and firm, on skin feels similar  to hand application
-    Versatile, use any topical
-    Lightweight, easy to pack for travel
-    Hygienic, easy to clean pad in situ with soap and water
-    Some topical did inevitably  stay on the pad (oil more than cream) but it was never  very much
-    Ongoing costs. Pads need replacing. BackBliss say to expect each pad to last up to 6 months (based on twice daily use)
BackBliss with cream: before application (L) and after (R)

Final Say

You’ll know immediately if you have a need for something like the BackBliss. I certainly did. It tested well, it’s priced right and without doubt, come holiday season, I’ll be throwing it in my suitcase, along with my SPF, bikini and FitFlops.

The BackBliss costs £11.99 for a single pack containing the tool with fitted pad and one spare pad. Additional pads come in packs of 4, costing £5.99 with free p&p. The BackBliss is also available in variety of colours. More info here.

BackBliss in pink and purple

PR Sample

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