Thursday 12 June 2014

June's Fave Freebie – Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser

Today I’m launching a brand new regular feature, Fave Freebie Of The Month. Every month, as I’m shelf browsing at WH Smith (other newsagents are available!), I’ll pick out the lifestyle mag with my favourite beauty freebie mounted on the cover and post a review.

It’s struck me that glossy press beauty freebies have got incredibly decent. No longer a flimsy plastic comb or a weeny body cream sachet cellotaped to the cover (OK, you can still get the odd rubbish ones), more often than not it’s a decent size sample from a big brand inside a shrink wrap. Sometimes even a full size product - I recently got a 75ml Percy & Reed Wonder Balm!

I admit I do check out the free gift before deciding whether or not to flick through the pages of a magazine.  Actually, now I come to think of it, my decision to buy a mag is wholly down to the freebie.  There, I’ve confessed! 

I imagine I’m not alone in being totally seduced by the  covermount -  why else would the giveaways have got so good? It’s easy to see why brands and mag publishers have got themselves such a cosy partnership going. It really is a win win  for all concerned: the brands gain exposure, the magazines get a boost to their circulation, and we get a fabulous free product to try.

Of course, there’s no certainty that my favourite freebie will turn out to be a fave product, if I’ve never used it before. All will be revealed in the review.

Kicking things off is Ren’s Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser. It’s bundled free with the July issue of InStyle and comes with a face cloth.  Do you have a fave freebie ? What partly makes the beauty industry such a fascinating and dynamic place is that we all want and like different things.

I have a sneaky suspicion that many of you will choose differently from me this month. There were after all quite a few branded nail varnishes on front covers, including ones from Ciate (Marie Claire) and Leighton Denny (Harper’s Bazaar).  But I’m a skincare junkie (I’m not so much in to cosmetics), and so for me it had to be the Ren. As I’ve rambled on quite a lot already, I’ll keep this month’s product review  brief!

Ren Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser, 30ml sample with cloth – Review

As a fan of Ren products (especially the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask), I’ve been wanting to try this cleanser since its February launch. It has a creamy texture, similar though not as rich as Liz Earle’s signature cleanser, with a delicate rose scent. It feels pleasingly nourishing on the skin and has a good slip.

Now to remove. The cloth is a flannel-type rather than a muslin. Personally, I prefer to hot cloth cleanse with the latter. To me this feels like I am wiping away product with one of my bathroom face flannels, so my choice would be to team it with a muslin instead.

Cleanser removed, face patted dry with a fluffy towel and I’m done. Thoughts? Skin is soft and make-up removed beyond a trace. But the Ren cleanser doesn’t ‘wow’ me like the Liz Earle, which as well as being creamier also has a more exciting and refreshing scent.

The full size Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser costs £16 (150ml). You can buy it here.
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