Wednesday 7 January 2015

10 New Year Beauty Resolutions

I am perhaps a little late with this list, though it is still January, at least! I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions. I’m pretty good at blanking from my mind the lifestyle choices I have made that could do with a bit of a shake-up.

Beauty is a different matter. My blog means that a lot of what I do is documented, my bad habits laid bare for all to see. Consequently, drawing up a list like this took me all of 2 minutes. I joke – a little!

It will be interesting to revisit this compendium in 12 months’ time to see how many I’ve managed to keep to. Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions this year, beauty or otherwise?

1. Drink More Water

I’m a little foolish to start with this one, for it’s very likely that I won’t stick to it. I never drink water (by the glass).  I dislike the taste. My mates (despairing ones) tell me it has no taste, so why the problem, but perhaps that is the problem! Tea, on the other hand, tastes delicious and I drink it by the bucketful.

2. Clean Make-up Brushes

Oh dear. I’m dreadful at remembering to wash my brushes. I know make-up goes on better with clean ones, and I’m acutely aware that dirty ones can be full of bacteria. Ok, I’ve got the message. Clean weekly from now on!

3. Remove Make-up Before a Workout

I confessed only recently to my terrible habit of working out in my make-up in the post Clarins’ Mascara Fix’ review here.  I may be wearing just BB cream, a swipe (or two) of eye liner, and a coating (or two) of mascara but wearing make-up during exercise is a no-no – it can clog pores and more!

4.Get More Beauty Sleep

I barely get 6 hours of kip a night. It’s not enough. My target going forwards is to get a minimum of 7. Note to self: read ‘the incredible rejuvenating powers of sleep’, post here!

5. Weekly Home Manicure + Pedicure

I’m relatively neglectful when it comes to my hands and feet. Yet few things delight me more than to see my finger and toe nails freshly painted in vibrant colours, sometimes with a layer of glitter polish on top.  I must also remember to repair chips – as soon as they occur!

6. Deep Condition Hair Weekly

I’ve been pretty good recently at remembering to use Michael Van Clarke’s 3 More Inches Pre-Wash treatment on a weekly basis. It’s a brilliant anti-ageing formula (it strengthens fibres and leaves locks incredibly nourished). I apply at night and shampoo off in the morning.  I definitely recommend leaving the treatment on overnight, rather than for just a few hours – results are so much better! Available for £29/500ml at Feelunique here.

7. Double Cleanse

I’m always amazed at how much grime I remove with a second cleanse. Step 1: use a balm or oil-based cleanser to remove oily grime. Step 2: use a water-based cleanser to remove (you guessed it) watery grime. I’m currently using Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish for step 1 (available for £14/100ml here), and REN’s Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water for step 2 (available for £13/200ml here). 

8. Daily Dry Bushing

I discussed why dry brushing is so good for our skin back in the Summer, post here.  I’ve been trying to remember do it daily ever since, with varying degrees of success, it has to be said. The difference daily brushing makes to the feel of my skin (particularly on the tops of my legs and on the back of my arms) is quite incredible.

9. Read More Blogs

One of the biggest joys of blogging (aside from discovering new products) is reading other bloggers’ reviews and tips. I’ve learnt so much and have built up a decent library of favourite posts and bloggers on Bloglovin and Twitter. I want to reach out to more bloggers in 2015, beauty and beyond.

10. Don’t Panic if I Fail to Post!

I do fret if I don’t have time to post. This feeling of terror wasn’t helped by my summer sabbatical – my 6 week blogging break wreaked havoc on my stats! Generally I aim to post a minimum of twice/week. But sometimes it’s just not possible, perhaps I’m feeling under the weather, or my kids are, or there is just too much going on at home. ‘Chill’, is what I should be telling myself. There’s more to life than blogging!
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