Wednesday 4 February 2015

January’s Empties – and Favourites!

When I get to the end of a jar of moisturiser, or a bottle of serum, I throw it in the bin and move on – to a straight replacement if I liked it, or a different product altogether if I didn’t. I have never documented the rate and manner of my skincare and make-up consumption on my blog.

Well, it’s suddenly occurred to me that something is missing.  Not all the products I use on a day-to-day basis get a mention on my blog. Perhaps some of them I don’t think justify a separate review (if they’re a bit ‘humdrum’, say), or perhaps I haven’t used something for quite long enough to formulate a valid opinion yet (as can happen if the product is a small sample).

But I’m filling the gap. Starting today, I’ll be doing the odd empties post with a brief run through of all the products I’ve used up, the good and the bad (from my perspective), with a roll call of monthly favourites at the end.

January’s Empties

I finished off 12 products last month. Yikes! It’s only when you start saving your empties do you quite realise how much stuff you get through.  Or perhaps you get through more?

Nourish - Rejuvenating Peptide Serum. This was the second Nourish product that I tried. A great value for money anti-ageing serum which gives skin an instant pick-up.  A keeper. Reviewed here

Kevyn Aucoin - The Primed Skin Developer. I have a real problem with primers, generally. They’re either too dry or too thin and runny. This one (as Goldilocks would say) is just right. A keeper. Reviewed here.

Orico London - Full Cup. A bust and neck enhancing elixir.  In studies breast size increased 2-4cm within 6 weeks of use. Not where I’m concerned it didn’t – is that too much detail?!  It’s got a pleasant fruity smell but it didn’t work for me and I thought it expensive (£29 for 30ml).

Elemis - Lip Revive. This will be reviewed in a forthcoming lip balm round-up post. It contains gritty particles (at least my sample here did) that irritated my skin.  Not something I’ll be rushing out to buy.

Chantecaille - Vital Essence with Arbutin. It’s taken a while to get through this bottle due to pauses as I tested other products. It’s a fab skin brightening serum with a whack of arbutin - one of the best lightening ingredients around. A keeper. Reviewed here.

Skyn Iceland - Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. I can’t believe I haven’t done a full review of this yet. It’s fabulous!  It de-puffs, brightens, and tackles dark circles and wrinkles – a proper all-rounder. But for me what it really excels at is giving my eyes a hydration boost as and when needed. I take it absolutely everywhere with me and apply it over make-up - yes it sits happily on top. Result!

GoldFaden MD - Needle-Less Line Smoothing Concentrate. A free gift with purchase, so a small sample.  This lasted me about a month. I saw no difference to my lines, so won’t be purchasing a full size.

Clarins - Eye Revive Beauty Flash. Another free sample. I discovered this years ago and loved it. Second time around I feel less enamoured – it simply doesn’t ‘Wow’ me anymore. 

Elemis - Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. A  freebie my husband got given on a business flight. Marine Cream is a cult product. This sample was small and didn’t last long enough for me to make a proper judgement call. I would love to try a full size, but I’ve got a stack of moisturisers in my stash to get through first! 

Beautannia - Bloomsbury Body Lotion. I paid a ridiculous amount of money for this – all of £8.50 in the Space NK sale! For a 350ml bottle that is a crazy price.  I simply love the scent. It’s rich and decadent – it contains neroli, oud, geranium and sandalwood. You can still buy this for as cheap as chips here . A keeper.

Mark Hill - Fabulous Finish Hairspray. I buy this over and over. It's lightweight and keeps hair in place. But I really buy it for the scent – it’s floral and terribly addictive! Another keeper.

EnvironMoisturising Toner. A fairly new brand to me and one I’m loving, generally, but there’s nothing particularly special about this toner that would make me want to buy it full size.

Favourites Roll Call:

Nourish Radiance, Rejuvenating Peptide Serum

Kevyn Aucoin, The Primed Skin Developer  

Chantecaille, Vital Essence with Arbutin

Sky Iceland, Icelandic Relief Eye Pen

Beautannia, Bloomsbury Body Lotion

Mark Hill, Fabulous Finish Hairspray
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