Wednesday 16 December 2015

Not Getting Your Beauty Sleep? Hello Vichy Skin Sleep

There is more than a little truth to the phrase ‘beauty sleep’. It’s during the wee small hours of the night, when our bodies are at total rest, that our skin repairs and rejuvenates - sleep enables the body to reverse everyday free radical damage through cellular renewal.

But how many of us don’t get the recommended seven hours of kip a night? I see a lot of raised hands out there, mine included.

If you’re one of those for whom quality sleep is a rare commodity, Vichy has come up with a solution: Skin Sleep. According to Vichy, this new cream recreates the look of a good night’s sleep, even when nights are cut short.
It’s clever wording as we all know that a topical cream can never really compensate for a lack of sleep. But marketing message  aside, this formula from Vichy is really rather lovely. What it is good at is making tired and ‘grey’ skin look and feel fresh and perky. And for me it does that instantly.

Key ingredients?

Well, there’s skin plumping hyaluronic acid, caffeine (anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant) and glycyrrhizic acid (again anti-inflammatory). There’s also apricot oil and niacinamide, a brilliant agent which in studies has shown to reverse some signs of ageing, though the amount present isn’t stated (it’s the seventh ingredient on the list). 

What I particularly like about Skin Sleep is the texture.  It’s described as a gel-balm (though I think it more like a gel-cream) that feels immediately cooling and soothing.  It can make your face feel a little tacky when you first apply it, but it sinks in quickly and once it does the skin feels noticeably fresh and more hydrated.

Vichy says that in trials the formula helped to make people feel more relaxed before going to sleep. I can agree with that!

Vichy Skin Sleep costs £26.50 for 50ml and is on offer at time of post at Lookfantastic - £19.88, down from £26.50 here .

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