Monday 21 December 2015

The bkr Bottle - Dislike the Taste of Water? Think Again!

I dislike the taste of water. Or perhaps it is water’s lack of taste that I so dislike. Either way, I don’t much fancy it and I rarely drink it. When I am ‘forced’ to guzzle down some H2O (while training at the gym, mostly), I tend to put a drop or two of Robinsons Special R concentrate into my bottle to add some flavour.

In all honesty, though, I really wish I could get my tastes buds around water, to reduce my dependence on tea and coffee (of which I drink loads) if nothing else.  Alas, I don’t think that shall ever be. But, and it’s a big ‘but’, I have finally found something that makes drinking water much more palatable.  That something is the bkr water bottle.

I overlooked the bkr bottle when I was first emailed details about it. It’s a glass water bottle. Glass? Really? That’s not very practical, right? Then I googled it and noticed all the rave reviews it was getting.

My interest now piqued, I decided to accept Naturisimo’s kind offer a sample bottle for review. And here it is, my purple ‘Lolita’ (more on cute names coming up).  

The first thing I noticed about the bkr bottle was its silicon sleeve. No worries then about it being glass. I did deliberately drop Lolita on a tiled floor to test it wouldn’t smash: it didn’t. – bkr offers a free replacement service should you break it within the first 90 days.

These are not your average water bottles. Aside from the charming names chosen to reflect each bottle’s 'personality' (others include Bambi, Cupcake, Ryan and Pout), bkr bottles are as much a fashion statement as a utility item.

I have yet to see a more stylish-looking water bottle at my local gym where I have been taking mine for a spin (I’ve slung my scummy plastic Adidas one in the bin). Aside from this classic design, there are capsule collections and each season limited editions are also released, inspired by the latest catwalk trends.   

Style over substance? Certainly not. The mouth is perfect sipping size and the cap is a clever loop that you can hook over your finger for easy carrying – though screwing the cap back on after you’ve filled up your bottle is a bit tricky and takes some getting used to. 

The Acid Test

Now for the acid test: does water taste better drunk out a bkr bottle? It’s a resounding ‘yes’! I’m assuming it’s because of the glass. With glass you get none of the twangy taste associated with drinking water out of a plastic bottle. The taste here is pure water – the same as when drinking directly from a tap (we’ve all done that at home, yes?).  

Water stays at temperature too. So if you’ve poured very cold water into your bottle, it’ll remain that way – the silicon sleeve acts as an insulator.  

ECO friendly

On a final note, the bkr bottle has good environmental credentials. It’s 100% recyclable, and BPA and phthalate free. 

The bkr bottle costs £25 and is new at online natural and organic beauty retailer Naturisimo here. More on bkr here.

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