Friday 15 April 2016

Beauty Buzz: From 10 Lipsticks We’re Coveting to Iconic 90s Beauty We Still Crave

My pick of beauty news from around the web, delivered in bite-sized form:

Allure – 10 Matte Lipsticks the Internet is Obsessed With 

See those four lipsticks above? Well, they are among the top 10 most searched for lipsticks on the Internet – and when it comes to all things lippie we’re going crazy for matte! The top three are from Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Smashbox. For the full list click here

Elle – Bangs are Back

So now that both Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift have been spotted sporting bangs, the framed-face look is definitely back (though Elle seems to think that Gigi’s might be clip-ons!). I seem to remember reporting on the return of the fringe in my last Beauty Buzz here. You can check out Elle’s story here.

Allure and – Looks Rocking at the MTV Movie Awards 

Beachy hair, playful updos, and fun, fresh makeup – favoured looks spotted at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. I’m all for the natural look so a big thumbs up to singer Halsey’s makeup (not pictured so you’ll need to check out the original story). But I’m not getting Cara’s hairline braid – it looks like she’s got a snake crawling through her hair. Allure story here. story here.

Look – the Foilyage Hair Trend

Want to get heads turning this Summer? Then ask your hairdresser for Foilyage highlights – a new take on Balayage.  Like its predecessor Foilyage is where colour is painted directly on to hair, but here foil strips are also applied. This extra process helps to create a more intense sun-kissed look. More here.  Foilyage pic credit: Instagram @ninezeroone

Marie Claire – Iconic 90s Beauty Products We’re Still Loving

Glossy lips, blue mascara, Charlie perfume: iconic 90s beauty products that we reportedly still crave. If that’s you then luckily you can still buy them. If that’s not you then you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve had an update, so perhaps you will like the 2016 versions? From Lancôme's new Juicy Tubes, to new YSL mascara in jade green and pink shades, Marie Claire lists the new launches that will take us on a trip down memory lane (see 90s Drew Barrymore above for look inspo). More here.

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