Wednesday 15 June 2016

3 Hair-Raising Gift Ideas for Father’s Day (Dad Reviewed)

If there’s one subject that’s guaranteed to get men fired up when it comes to ‘beauty’ it’s hair. Whether it’s the stuff that sprouts from their faces or the mop that grows (or doesn’t!) atop of their heads, they will have a strong feeling about it.

Some men cherish their whiskers, others covet a clean shaven look, and then there are those who fret endlessly about receding hairlines.  Whichever camp the men in your life fall into, a gift of hair beauty is a certain pleaser.

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday. If you’re cutting it a bit fine with a gift still to buy, or scratching your head not knowing what to buy, then here’s three hair-raising suggestions (sorry, shameless puns).

MR Jamie Stevens – Premium Haircare for Thinning Hair

A collection from award-winning stylist Jamie Stevens – he’s styled some famous manes in his time including those of Leonardo DiCaprio and Colin  Farrell. One of my nearest and dearest with thinning hair is currently trying out four products in the range: Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner (£10 each for 200ml), Thickening Treatment (£25 for 75ml) and the Disguise Spray (£18 for 100ml).


The wash formulas got an instant thumbs up - they left his hair feeling and looking clean, conditioned, and gave it some bounce. The Disguise Spray has taken some persuading but he’s promised to try it at the weekend – I’ll update the post! As well as covering thinning or receding areas (protect clothing and fabrics first), the spray also contains ingredients to nourish and thicken the hair shaft.

The Thickening treatment requires a big level of commitment – financial and in terms of time. With ingredients to strengthen the hair and improve scalp health, it needs to be applied day and night for a minimum of three months. My tester has started using this but it’s early days. Note: each 75ml can is one month’s supply.
You can buy the MR Jamie  Stevens range at Boots and online here.

Percy Nobleman Beard Grooming Kit

This kit had my dad’s name written all over it. He is a beard man. He cherishes it, preens and prunes it daily - don’t get in the queue for the bathroom behind my dad (you’ll have a long wait!).

The kit comprises Beard Wash (A), Beard Conditioning Oil (B), Moustache Wax (C) and Beard Comb (D). Oh my goodness! My dad was like a little kid with the latest ‘must-have’ toy when I gave him this to try a few weeks back. User verdict? 100% for the wash and comb (the best comb he’s ever used), 95% for the conditioner and 85% for the wax (he found it a little hard to apply).

The Percy Nobleman Beard Grooming Kit is a super taster set for the beaded dad. It costs £19.99 (currently reduced from £26.99 for Father’s Day) and is available here .

BodyVerde Speed Shave Portable Razor

Is your dad the clean-shaven intrepid type? If so, then the Speed Shave is the gift to get. It’s an all-in-one, ready-to-use shaver. It has everything you need for 7-10 shaves including a rinse-free lotion in the handle. Ingenious!

My husband gave this one a go. First unscrew the cap and dispense some lotion into the palm of your hand. Apply the lotion to the areas you want to shave (chin or wherever), pop the cap back on and off-you-go with the blade. It’s as easy as that. Massage in any remaining cream.

The Speed Shave gave a close shave (it has four precision blades), as you can see in the pics. But my husband said the lotion left his skin feeling a little tacky and also you’d really want to rinse the blade out if using more than once. But for emergencies/camping, and for the man who desires a close-shave whilst trekking in the Himalayas, I can’t think of a more perfect gift. It costs £12 and is available on Amazon here.

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