Friday 21 October 2016

Fitness Coach Andrew Beatty says changing mindsets is the key to successful weight-loss


When something isn’t working to plan many people become angry, disheartened, and project negative energy.  Have you met someone like that - a family member or a close friend, perhaps? 

The answer is to change the way we look at things, to believe in ourselves, and to accept that all the speed bumps in our way are just part of the process.  I’m not talking here about positive energy mumbo-jumbo; but I am talking about projecting positivity – it’s essential and it really does make life a million times easier.

Let’s take an example. Say you want to lose 10 pounds of ugly belly fat. Things start off great, then a week or two down the line everything spirals out of control.  Do you know that feeling? Why does it happen?

We’re so used to giving up at the first sign of failure that we decide to define ourselves as fat - what we allow our mind to think about is what we become. In other words, if you don’t believe you can lose weight, you won’t (or at the very least you’ll lose it and then put it back on again).

But what if we did something ‘revolutionary’ - actually it’s just plain common sense - what if we changed our mindset? 

How do we do that? Well, we need to ask ourselves the right set of questions. Think about this: ask yourself why you can’t lose weight and the answer won’t be very helpful. But ask yourself what you could change about your lifestyle that would help you to lose weight and… you get the idea?

If you tell yourself you don’t like this or that food, how likely are you to feel good about eating healthy?  Not very, right? How about asking yourself this instead: what foods do I like that will make dieting easier or what can I do with my vegetables to make myself enjoy eating them?

Don’t want to workout today?  You might say, ‘no problem’. But  what if you asked yourself: how will I feel tomorrow if I don’t workout today? 

-    All you’re doing is reframing the questions
-    All you’re doing is reframing the way your brain perceives what you’re doing

I know what you might be thinking: oh it’s easy for him, he’s in shape.  I understand what you’re saying but I can assure you that I didn’t always look like this. Deep down I’m a fat kid and until recently I still defined myself as that. It’s taken all my might to push forward when business wasn’t going well.  When you see things from a more positive perspective, you can handle difficulties much more easily.

To sum up:

-    Avoid negative people
-    Create a positive environment around you
-    Reframe the questions your ask yourself 

You’ll be amazed at how this can help with your fat loss goals.  It will make it almost impossible for you to give up on yourself like you’ve done so many times in the past.  Always ask yourself a better question :)

About the Author:
Andrew Beatty is a fitness and weight-loss coach, based in Limerick. He appears regularly on local radio and in the press discussng fitness, health and weight-loss management. More info here.

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Thought Bubble (with additional 'I Can' caption) – Ian Burt
Fat loss pic – Potamos Photography
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