Monday 25 April 2016

Foreo Luna Mini 2 (Review) and Luna Play (Preview)

Cleansing On-The-Go Just Got Better…

I have a soft spot for dinky gadgets. It’s not only their cuteness that appeals but their compactness means that they slip inside my suitcase for travel without any bother, ie they don’t take up masses of precious space (I’m hopeless at packing light).

Whenever I’m away from home for more than two nights, I hate to be without at least a couple of beauty gadgets. My precious bundle will always include a cleansing device of some sort – thorough cleansing is the bedrock of every good skincare regime, right?

 The portable cleansing device that I have been throwing into my bag lately is the new Luna Mini 2 from Foreo. It comes with a host of upgraded features which have taken it to a whole new level of cleansing on-the-go. And if you have yet to bite the bullet and try a Foreo device, the brand has just launched its smallest, cutest and cheapest model yet - the Luna Play, a disposable sonic cleanser (no recharging required and it’s good to go for 100 cleansing sets).

Luna Mini 2 - key Improvements Include:
-    50% bigger brush face
-    Brushes made from softer silicon
-    Bespoke cleansing (you can choose between 8 different intensity levels)

As with the previous version, there are three types of brush touch points: thin (gentle cleanse), thick (precision clean) and broad (for oilier spots) on the reverse side of the device.

The Mini 2 will fit neatly into the palm of your hand. To use damp the face, apply cleanser, wet the Mini 2 and turn on. You gently glide the brushes in circular motions over the face for one minute - the machine ‘whirrs’ when it’s time to move to a new area and double ‘whirrs’ when cleansing is complete.

I don’t have experience of the previous Luna Mini but I do have a full-size Luna. While I love that loads (I use it daily at home) what the mini 2 has over its larger sibling are broad touch points. I’ve found these to be incredibly efficient at dealing with the congestion around my nose.

I’ve always suffered from open pores here.  The Mini 2’s broad contact areas get down to business on my nose, lifting dirt and grime which could (and do from time-to-time) build-up and cause blackheads.

What the mini doesn’t have though is the larger Luna’s skincare infusion function. While I think most people would probably buy the Luna for its cleansing prowess, if you also love the anti-ageing feature it might be a case of weighing up your options and, if budget allows, both devices. Another feature accessory it doesn't have (supringsly) is a travel bag - unlike the full-size Luna.

The Luna Mini 2 comes in 5 different colours, including new shade Sunflower Yellow (seen here). It charges via USB cable and one charge should give 300 sessions. It costs £99 and can be bought here.

The Luna Play costs £29 and it comes in a choice of seven colours. Buy here.

Post contains PR samples.

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