Monday 27 April 2015

Bourjois Erasable Liner – Ticks all the Boxes for Drawing Cat Flicks

My search for an eyeliner that I can draw a decent feline flick with has been of Holy Grail proportions! I never considered my needs anything other than reasonable.  All I was after was a product that was a) easy to use and b) delivered a formula that would stay put once applied.

But instead my quests have brought me liners that fail on one of those two key aspects.  Either I'd find a liner that was easy to use, but would then smudge within a few hours of wear (felt-tip varieties)or bleed before it has time to dry (liquids).

Or I’d unearth a formula with mega staying power but which was so damned difficult to use that I’d end up throwing it across the room before drawing past my first six eyelashes (Benefit’s push-up gel liner springs to mind here).

Friday 24 April 2015

NEW LAUNCHES: Xen-Tan, The Body Shop, L’Occitane

I don’t know whether it’s the recent balmy weather, or the fact that I’m feeling a little bit jaded right now and in need of an overseas holiday (somewhere hot and sunny), but as soon as I heard about these three fabulous new beauty launches this week they got me dreaming of Summer.  I want – both Summer and these new products!

Tuesday 21 April 2015

REN Keep Young & Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot – Best Tightening Formula Yet?

Skin sag: what’s the best way to tackle it? It’s a question those of us who want to keep our skin looking its best will ponder time and again - for one very good reason.

Of all age-related skin concerns, sag is arguably the most difficult to fix. Actually, I’ll stick my neck out further and say that it is THE most difficult to fix.

While there are some great topicals (mainly serums) for reducing pigmentation and perhaps to a lesser extent lines and wrinkles, I have yet to come across a formula that does a grand job of tightening skin, let alone lifting it.

Saturday 18 April 2015

A Sainsbury’s Grocery Shop and a Bargain-Basement Rose Otto Body Range

Rose Otto is one of the most expensive essential oils you can get - I mentioned this in my review of Balance Me’s Rose Otto Body Oil a few weeks back. It is also one of my most treasured – I may have mentioned that too!

The Balance Me product is a wondrous formula, made more wondrous by its price. At £24.50 for 200ml, it represents extremely good value for money compared to other luxurious rose otto body oils. So imagine my reaction at spotting these little gems above, picked up for just a fiver (yes, for both!), in Sainsbury’s while doing the weekly shop.

Wednesday 15 April 2015

New Launches I’m Craving - By Terry, REN, ecoTOOLS and Sally Hansen

Just when you think you’ve got a bunch of products in your skincare stashes and makeup bags that meet all your beauty needs, along comes a clutch of new ones that make you want to go grab your purse, leg it to the high street (or computer if you prefer to online shop) and have a splurge!

These are the four products topping my ‘Beauty Most Wanted’ list right now.

Thursday 9 April 2015

March’s Empties – And Favourites!

I ended March with a more reasonable number of empties – 10 full and sample-sized. That’s roughly what I used up in January, when I first launched this series of posts.

February’s ridiculously large quota of 28 was likely a blip, a coincidence that I got to the bottom of so many jars, bottles and tubes all at once – at least I hope so, as I was beginning to question my monthly outlay on beauty products!

This latest collection includes body products, some sample sachets, a heap of skincare (again making up the bulk of my empties), plus a rather fabulous budget beauty buy!



Monday 6 April 2015

April’s Fave Freebie – Eyeko Fat Eye Stick

On the newsagent racks this month, it’s InStyle that has me raiding the piggy bank for the best cover-mounted beauty freebie. It is offering a choice of four Eyeko make-up products with its May edition, including this Fat Eye Stick I selected here.

Friday 3 April 2015

The Naturisimo Wellness Box – Putting Paid to My Not-So-Healthy Habits!

I’m not sure if someone is trying to tell me something, or if I’m detecting vibes of a growing trend. But over the past few weeks I’ve received a bunch of emails telling me about the launch of new wellness products.

Now, I really do look after my skin, and I’m as much a fitness fanatic as I am a beauty junkie. But it’s fair to say that when it comes to healthy eating things go a little awry.

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Injectables and Cosmetic Surgery – Are You For or Against?

If there is one aspect of the beauty industry that attracts more controversy than any other, it has got to be invasive cosmetic procedures. Whether it’s butt or boob jobs, fillers or Botox, nips or tucks, for every person in favour of them there’ll be another against.
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