Wednesday 1 April 2015

Injectables and Cosmetic Surgery – Are You For or Against?

If there is one aspect of the beauty industry that attracts more controversy than any other, it has got to be invasive cosmetic procedures. Whether it’s butt or boob jobs, fillers or Botox, nips or tucks, for every person in favour of them there’ll be another against.

When I launched my blog back at the beginning of 2014 I was very anti any kind of invasive procedure. While I was happy (and still am) to blast my face with non-ablative skin rejuvenating lasers, and pump it with muscle-toning microcurrents, the thought of a needle or scalpel coming anywhere close simply gave me the heebie jeebies.

I am still of this view, that I would never have any form of aesthetic procedure performed on me. I have never, though, judged those who think and do differently. If having liposuction, eyelid surgery, breast implants or a nose job makes you feel better about the way you look, then who is anyone to pass comment? No one, I say. Incidentally, I mention those particular treatments as they are the most popular, according to WebMD.

The only thing I would say to someone contemplating such a move is check out your practitioner, ensure they’re qualified and have a ready list of clients willing to talk to you about their experiences. It might sound obvious but it’s not always followed, and is why initiatives such as Antonia Mariconda’s #SafetyInBeauty are so important (for more on that campaign read my posts, here and here).

Set against this background I was intrigued to read about a new global campaign by Galderma, makers of the popular Restylane fillers and skin boosters. Fronted by Sharon Stone, it is seeking to demystify and remove the stigma surrounding aesthetic treatments. 

Galderma aims to build trust in aesthetic procedures by demonstrating natural-looking results of Restylane in real life. Sharon Stone is apparently the first global celebrity to feature in such a campaign.

Details of the challenge and the results will be unveiled at a live event in May.  More info on the Galderma website here.

So what say you? Are you for or against cosmetic procedures?

Main pic: madelineyoki
Sharon Stone: Shawn

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