Monday 21 November 2016

Black Friday/Cyber Monday – 5 Tips for Grabbing the Best Deals + Where to Look

If you’re intending to nab big Black Friday/Cyber Monday bargains this week and next, it would be wise to plan ahead. With so many brands and products getting involved, things could get a little bewildering. Here are five tips for striking gold and keeping your head while bargain hunting:

1. Set Aside Plenty of Time for Surfing
Most of the deals are not being unveiled until on the day (ie, from today), and many are only available for a limited period of time (hours in some cases). Catching the best bargains is going to require checking in regularly throughout the week to find out what’s happening.

2. Consider Deals Carefully
All may not be what it seems. Some observers have accused brands of using this week to dump excess/unwanted stock, while others have noted that Black Friday prices are not always the cheapest.  If you see something you fancy buying do a quick Google search to check it’s a genuine bargain.

3. Set a Budget and Stick to It
It’s easy to get carried away when presented with lots of different offers. Set a limit on how much you want to spend and keep to it – buyer’s remorse is not a pleasant thing!

4. Write a List of Things You Want…
…and again stick to it! A genuine bargain is at its most satisfying when it’s something you truly need or want.  Let’s just say there’s not much point buying a lawnmower if you don’t have a garden, no matter how cheap!

5. Sign-up to Black Friday Mailing Lists
Perhaps a bit late in the day to be suggesting this, but many brands will mail details of their offers directly to your inbox. This could be particularly helpful if you’re a fan of certain brands (check out their websites for details). Be mindful that once you give address details you’ll be a target of future marketing campaigns, though brands should always offer an ‘opt-out’ clause.

Beauty Deals – Where to Look

Brands are already busy promoting their impending Black Friday deals – some are even live now! Here is a quick selection of ones to check out:

Boots here
The Body Shop here
Superdrug here
Lookfantastic here
Amazon here 
Debenhams here
Elemis here

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