Monday 21 July 2014

Jeunvie Moisturising Candles – Salvation For Dry Skin

I like products with novelty. I also like products that work. I especially like products that tick both boxes. Hello, Jeunvie moisturising candles!

I was intrigued by these body moisturising candles when I first reported on their launch in March (read the post here). You light them as you would a normal candle  but unlike a normal candle these ones transform into skincare as the wax melts. Clever, eh?

I was delighted when a few weeks ago I was sent one of the small moisturising candles to try for myself. Could they really be as good as they sounded?

What exactly are they?


These candles are made from cosmetic grade soya wax and other pure and natural skincare plant oils. The scented ones (I have rose blossom) have cosmetic grade fragrances which are allergen free. They are pure and natural to the point that they can be used to treat children’s skin.

The candles are individually hand poured and as with all Jeunvie products tested on people who suffer scleroderma, a serious autoimmune condition. Scleroderma badly affects skin – it causes hardening , hyperpigmentation and swelling, as well as redness, dryness and irritation.

You have perhaps deduced by now that these candles are made especially (though not exclusively) for stressed skin.  I want to talk briefly about Jeunvie’s history as it’s key to understanding the candles.

Jeunvie was started as a small family business by Maria Delray. Diagnosed with diffuse systemic cutaneous scleroderma herself, Maria was unable to find suitable mainstream products, and so set about developing her own natural range. 

The business, which formally established last year, has grown quickly. In addition to the candles, Jeunvie now offers several skincare ranges to treat a wide variety of different skin issues, including a newly launched men’s range.

How to use


You light the candle and wait a minute or so for a small pool of liquid to form around the top. You then use the tiny Jeunvie spoon (included with the large candles, otherwise £5 to purchase) to scoop the melted wax and place on the skin.  Massage until product is fully absorbed.

The wax melts at a lower temperature than normal candle wax and on my skin it felt warm, but not hot. As someone who has flicked boiling hot candle wax on themselves before now it did feel at first a bit perverse applying the Jeunvie treatment. But I soon got to trust it, and before long I was relishing the therapeutic feel of the warm oil on my skin!

Maria assured me that I would experience an immediate softening effect. She was absolutely right. My expectation was that I might detect some slight skin moistening but there really was a notable softening. I also like the fact that just a tiny amount of melted wax will do the job. I’m quite petite, and one spoonful was enough to treat a whole arm, and just two a lower or upper leg.

Jeunvie Moisturising Candles cost £10 for the small ones and £30 for the large. You can order them here.
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