Friday 6 February 2015

REVIEW: Shavata Heart Tweezers

I have bought dozens of brow tweezers over the years (I have a tendency to lose them!). But I have never owned a set that looks quite like this one!

You may have seen these Swiss made Shavata tweezers featured in my Valentine’s Day beauty gifts round-up post earlier this week, here. Or, perhaps, you already own a set?

Aren’t they just so incredibly cute? With their heart-shape body, they would make a perfect present come 14 February. I was kindly sent a pair for review and have been putting them to work over the past week.

I have a thing for brows. They are central to our look. They frame our eyes and give structure to our faces. Full brows are also very youthful looking, hence my growing obsession with them!

Mine are challenging. They are black and quite bushy (thankfully excessive plucking as a teen doesn’t seem to have caused any permanent damage), and I have been growing them out a little more in recent months.

As a result, I’ve been doing a lot of brow shape management lately. I can’t just freely pluck out fresh hairs as they grow. Instead, I have to decide very carefully which must go and which must stay, then resist the urge to pluck the latter – not easy! Thick black brow hairs look like pin-heads as they sprout!

Bushy brows need a lot of shaping and a good set of tweezers is key to achieving that. I have a real mixed bag of brow hairs – some are thick and black, others are fair and wispy. I need a set of tweezers that can handle both. These Shavata ones do – brilliantly!

I was a little worried that it might be a case of style over function with these eye-catching tweezers but not in the least. The chunkiness of the heart-shaped body make them super easy to hold (between your thumb and finger or fingers if preferred), and the precision tip grips hair very firmly, whether the hair is fine or thick.

Hairs come out easily with one gentle pull, including the rather large bulbs that seem to be a feature of my thicker hairs. So many tweezers I have used snap thick hairs, leaving me with horrible black stubble that is now too short to ease out!

These really are super tweezers, and the packaging has been thought out to a tee. They come in a plastic case with a 5x magnification mirror in the lid, all housed in a suedette pouch. I’ve always used a standalone magnified make-up mirror to do my brows but this hand-held one makes the process far easier – you can get right up close to the brow for a better view of what you’re doing. You hold the mirror in one hand and the tweezers in the other.

You really can’t go wrong with these Shavata tweezers. They are one pair I DO NOT want to lose! They are priced £21 and can be bought here.
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