Thursday 18 June 2015

Lanolips – Made With Nature's 'Wonder' Moisturiser!

Lanolips is not a brand I have tried previously. I blame that on the way it is displayed in Boots – stacked amongst a heap of other lip care brands on a perfunctory stand that is so uninspiring I simply walk straight past it.

However, having delved deeper into this brand at home over the past few weeks, when sent a couple of new Lanolips products to try, I have come to realise that I have been missing something.

There’s a real-life story behind the creation of Lanolips, rather than a tale of r&d labs at some major corporate-owned beauty brand. It has its roots in a humble sheep farm in Lucindale, South Australia.

It was there that Lanolips founder Kirsten Carriol spent much of her childhood summers and where she first came into contact with lanolin, the main ingredient in Lanolips. Lanolin is taken from freshly shorn sheep’s wool and it is often referred to as nature’s wonder moisturiser.

With her DNA Professor father’s work acting as further inspiration, Kirsten set out to create a completely natural, ultra-pure lanolin lip ointment, one that felt great on the lips and delivered oodles of moisture. She also wanted a formula that gave a lush, glossy finish whilst remaining natural. It took her six years of hard graft, but from where I’m standing Kirsten has certainly accomplished what she set out to achieve with her Lanolips range.

Lanolips 101 Fruities lip ointment in strawberry - £7.99 for 10g

This feels so smooth on the lips that you’d think it had been pulped in an industrial blender! No bits or odd texture spoiling the broth – I can’t stand lip balms with grains in them (they feel more like a harsh exfoliator than a soothing salve)!

The strawberry element here is real. Yes, the formula is enriched with 100% natural strawberry. Not only does this mean it tastes good (you can indeed lick your lips and enjoy the ride – as my 10-year old daughter discovered much to her pleasure when she ‘tasted’ the balm –  “it’s yummy!”), but also strawberry contains natural AHAs which help to slough off dead cells, so it exfoliates too – only in a gentle way!      

This lip balm further contains vitamin E – an antioxidant that protects and repairs skin. I love this balm. I love the feel of it on my lips and the look of it too – it gives a healthy glossy sheen to my smackers. I’m sold!  You can buy it at Lookfantastic here.

Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream - £8.99 for 50ml


I buy and use anti-bacterial hand washes and gels (usually Carex, something quite basic and functional). It’s never occurred to me to buy a germ-killing hand cream before. Thinking about it, though, it makes perfect sense.

I apply hand cream far more frequently than I do hand wash and gels, and those can be quite drying on the skin. You certainly can’t say that about the Lanolips cream. It’s incredibly moisturising. According to the brand blurb, it settles on the skin to form a protective and moisturising ‘liquid glove’. That’s a pretty accurate description. This leaves my skin feeling not only super soft, but also dewy!

The hand cream kills 99.99% of germs (independently tested), including Staphylococcus aureus and E.coli.  They’re the sort of germs that can put the fear of God into you, particularly if constantly tending to a baby or inquisitive toddler.

The formula contains medical-strength antibacterial ingredients to kill germs, lanolin to moisturise, and aloe vera to freshen.  If you’re not mad keen on potent smelling hand creams, the fragrance here is very light too.

Another thing to note is that when I washed my hands, the cream didn’t seem to rinse away completely. I could still discern a ‘protective glove’. You can buy Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream from Feelunique here.

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