Wednesday 3 June 2015

NEW LAUNCH: Balance Me Collagen Boost Restore & Replenish Cream Cleanser Review

Balance Me has taken natural beauty into a new realm with its latest skincare line, Collagen Boost.

Two years in the making, this new anti-ageing range (previewed last month here) is supercharged with a natural peptide complex you don’t normally find in botanically-sourced skincare. It features across the line, including the Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser I’m reviewing here.

These are formulae designed to plump and protect skin, as well as strengthen cells and reduce existing signs of ageing, without the need for harsh synthetic ingredients. Well, if this cleanser is anything to go by, this is one heck of a splendid new range!

From the fragrance to the texture and how well it performs this cleanser is a triumph! It’s creamy (ever so) and is designed to remove ALL makeup, even the most stubborn mascara. It does! Stubborn isn’t the word for my mascara, Clarins’ Double Fix’. You apply Double  Fix’ over the top of any mascara to seal it. It protects like a suit of armour - mascara doesn’t budge, even when swimming!

The down side of that is finding an eye make-up remover that can shift it. There are few and this Balance Me cleanser is one, and it does so in the most gentle way. I liberally applied it over my eyes, lightly worked it in, and the Double Fix’ simply melted away, leaving lashes not only cleansed but conditioned too.

This is such a gentle formula, making it ideal if you have sensitive skin. You apply it over a dry face and massage. Balance Me says you can add water if desired, but I prefer to leave as is, and enjoy the texture in all its creamy glory. Remove the residue (I use a damp muslin) and pat dry. For an extra gentle cleanse, you can leave the cleanser on for five minutes before removing with cotton wool.

The scent here is glorious, a blend of neroli and frankincense essential oils, and magnolia leaf extract. It additionally contains softening butters rich in essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins. My skin after I’ve cleansed with this feels super soft.

Balance Me never fail to impress with their formulations and with such keen price points, these are products affordable enough to enjoy daily. This cleanser costs £18 for 125ml and is available from this month. More on Balance Me here.

*PR Sample 

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