Thursday 25 February 2016

A Hair Makeover With John Frieda Salons

An invitation to a hair makeover gives me an odd case of the heebee jeebees. That may sound strange when said makeover is with expert London colourists and stylists, and especially as I’ve been sporting the same cut for the past five years and could really do with an update.

I really don’t mean it to sound strange or ungrateful. But it’s my hair, right? What if I don’t like the new look? It’s not like a make-up makeover, where you wash everything off at the end of the day. Once hair is cut and coloured you’re pretty much stuck with it until it grows out.

In truth, I was always going to grab this opportunity by the horns, of course. Not just for the re-style but I’m pretty keen too to pick-up some expert tips on how to manage ageing hair, particularly what to do about the greys!

I can’t deny I was a touch nervous as I approached my destination. Located a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus, away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping metropolis (so a haven after a hard day’s shopping), John Frieda Salons on New Cavendish Street, London, has a hotel-like interior. Even the toilets are all marble and shiny chrome - yes, I really did take a picture of the loos!
I was made to feel very welcome upon arrival and taken from reception to the salon proper, where I was introduced to colourist Natasha. She asked me about my hair, what I liked about it, what I didn’t, what I was wanting to change. Most importantly she listened to what I had to say and took it all on board.

Like many brunettes of a certain age, my biggest concern is going grey. I’m not ready for that! But when your hair is dark, super dark, keeping on top of that problem is a constant battle. If you’re nodding your head in agreement at this point, Natasha has this advice:

-    Cover greys with a tint that’s as close a match to your own hair colour as you can get
-    Don’t go for a solid block of colour, instead introduce highlights to add warmth and soften the look
-    Start off slowly with just a few highlights; add more as and when you feel comfortable
Natasha first tinted my roots, then added highlights using a method called ‘Balayage’, a French word meaning to sweep or paint. It gives a more natural looking hair colour than the foil highlighting method.

Colour done I was then introduced to Stevie, who was styling my hair. Like Natasha, Stevie’s priority was giving me a cut and blow dry that I would be happy with. I didn’t want dramatic change, but I did want beautiful, big bouncy waves in place of my default GHD straightened locks.

Stevie’s main suggestion on the cut was to add some layers to the ends to add volume and bounce. This she did without taking them too short, so I could still tie my hair in a ponytail (my default gym hairstyle).

Her advice on styling: use a round brush with natural bristles, and let some hair nuzzle your face for a youthful look. Then it was onto the blow-dry itself, one in expert hands. Stevie gently brushed my hair vertically upwards as she dried it, then twisted it with her fingers whilst still slightly damp to create the waves.

I was delighted with the finished look: the tint, the highlights, the cut and the blow-dry. And while I might not be able to recreate the same expert standard at home, I have come away with plenty of tips that will make my ageing hair less bothersome to manage.

My John Frieda Hair Makeover – Products Used and Cost 

Tint and Highlights - £95
Tint Wella Tint 440
Wella Blondor Lightener
Gossing treatment - bespoke mixed to match hair colour

Cut - £100

More on John Frieda Salons here.

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