Monday 15 February 2016

Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum and Age Reverse HydraFirm – Dry Skin Salvation

Trying to keep dry skin hydrated is challenging at the best of times, but it’s even more so in Winter. Cold gusty winds, combined with warm central heating systems, sap what seems like every last bit of moisture out of my skin.

Winter is a time when those of us with thirsty skin turn to intensely hydrating topical formulas. The latest products to join my Winter skincare repertoire are these two: Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum and Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm moisturiser.

Exuviance is a line of cosmeceuticals developed by Dr Van Scott and Dr Yu, the creators and original patent holders of the first glycolic peel, using Alpha Hydroxy, Polyhydroxy and Bionic Acids. There are eight ranges of Exuviance products, based around skin type and concern.

Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum 

Part of Exuviance’s Targeted range, the DePuffing Eye Serum is designed to decongest, de-puff and tone the eye area. It comes in a triple micro-roller applicator to stimulate, massage and aid fluid drainage as the serum is applied.

The applicator is a big hit. I’ve tried several with a single micro-roller but this one with three gives a firmer and more effective massage.  Metal heads are also better than plastic as they cool the skin, making them anti-inflammatory.

The serum itself is a blend of proprietary peptides and a citrus-based antioxidant in a gel formula, to aid micro-circulation, strengthen the skin, as well as reduce the pooling that can lead to puffiness and bags.

Other ingredients:
Caffeine - stimulates
Chamomile, green tea and cucumber – refreshes

Use morning and night, depress the plunger (I do it a few times to get a decent amount of gel) and glide under the eye, then under the brow bone in a ‘circle C’ motion.  It can be used under eye cream. The gel feels cooling on the skin and delivers a hit of instant hydration. On tired dry eyes, it feels blissful. 

Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm 

Part of Exuviance’s Age Reverse line, HydraFirm takes a two-pronged approach to a tackling hydration. There’s hyaluronic acid restoring moisture on the surface, and a structure of amino acids replenishing stocks deeper down. A peptide complex, in addition, helps to plump, firm and lift the skin.

I’d describe this as a gel-cream. Again it’s very cooling, and again it delivers a big hit of instant hydration. It does a grand job of waking-up my skin and relieving any tightness caused by dryness.  There's a lovely fresh, uplifting scent too.  Apply over cleansed skin, i.e. twice daily.

Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum costs £48 for 6ml from Effortless Skin here, and the HydraFirm is also £48 (50g) from Effortless Skin here. More on Exuviance here.
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