Friday 16 December 2016

In Conversation: Savannah Miller On Her Bagsy Collaboration, Charity Work + Top 5 Beauty Tips

Savannah Miller personifies the aspirational modern woman. As well as running her own celebrated fashion business, she is passionate about charity work and has just launched her own beauty range via a collaboration with British brand Bagsy Beauty. She’s also a mum of three.

Face Up Beauty caught up with Savannah earlier this week to get the low down on Bagsy, hear more about the Women for Women International charity she and Bagsy are supporting, discover what her fave product from the new makeup range is  – and steal one or two of her beauty secrets along the way!


The seeds of the three-year Bagsy deal were sown last year, just after the brand launched its debut range (reviewed here). Savannah was attending a Women for Women International lunch, was already familiar with Bagsy (a friend had given her products), and had a growing desire to launch her own beauty range.

"It came together rather randomly," recalls Savannah. "I don’t normally do charity lunches. But I’d wanted to get a better understanding of what was going on with the war in Afghanistan since last year, so I went along. As I walked out of the lunch I got an email saying that Bagsy want to talk to you about a collaboration. I immediately said ‘yes’, as long as we can help out this amazing charity - they were really up for it."

Since its creation in 1993, Women for Women International has helped nearly 429,000 marginalised women in countries affected by war and conflict. 15% of the retail price of every Bronzed Brilliance from the new Bagsy range sold is going to the charity.

The Savannah Miller X Bagsy Collection

The new beauty range is a 7-piece colour capsule collection for the face, eyes, lips and hair featuring eye-catching packaging inspired by Savannah’s signature prints. It has an opulent and vintage feel throughout - perfect for the Autumn/Winter season.

Each product features a whimsical quote much like the debut Bagsy range, only this time they’ve all been written by Savannah – she immersed herself in every aspect, from concept to final edit. “My whole idea was to create a glamorous older sister to the existing range, and something with a city vibe.  I want women to feel good. Bagsy want to make women feel good. The alignment is perfect,” she says.

Also in-keeping with the debut, the new collection is designed for portability - just the job for the modern woman who carries her world inside her handbag! Aside from the bronzer, there’s a slimline shadow palette, a liquid liner, a mascara, red lipstick and texturizing hair mist. I’ve been using the products for a few weeks – full review with favourites coming up in a separate post.

While the line-up fills some obvious gaps in the brand’s debut collection, the inspiration for it was something altogether different. “I knew which products I wanted to do straight away. These are the products I can’t live without, my handbag essentials. It’s that narcissistic I’m afraid,” chuckles Savannah, with candid charm.

So, which from the line-up is Savannah’s favourite product? “The lipstick,” she says, without a moment’s hesitation. “I wear it every day. A red lipstick is very empowering. It elevates you, how you feel and your look. This red also looks really good on a lot of different skin tones, from dark skin to very pale skin.”

A new lipstick shade will launch next Summer as part of a range refresh – all the new additions will have a lighter feel to tie in with the warmer season.

Savannah's Top 5 Beauty Tips

And so, finally, what of Savannah’s top beauty secrets?
1. Never sleep with your make-up on
2. Apply Vaseline to your eye lashes before going to bed – a weird trick but it’s helped Savannah’s to grow!
3. Spend a day without wearing make-up whenever you can
4. Don’t layer make-up on top of make-up if you’re going out straight from the office, say – instead use cleansing wipes and a light moisturiser to freshen-up the skin before doing touch-ups
5. Always have instant glamourising makeup to hand – namely a lipstick and black eyeliner

The Savannah Miller X Bagsy Collection is priced from £8 and is available now here.

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