Tuesday 26 May 2015

Fushi Beauty Totale – Supplements for Skin, Hair and Nails (Review)

Keeping our bodies fit and healthy and running like a well-oiled machine becomes a more challenging affair as we age.  Hair starts to thin and grey; skin loses radiance and plumpness; nails become more brittle… OK, I’ll stop there!

We all know we can’t stop the ageing process. And actually why would we want to? It's better than the alternative! But at the same time I refuse to just let nature take its course. I’d much rather ramp up the gym sessions, eat more healthily, be more thorough with my skincare routine and grab what other aids I can to help slow down the visible signs of ageing.

The latter brings me on to Fushi Beauty Totale. Fushi’s top selling beauty supplements, these 2-a-day capsules are formulated with 24 key nutrients for skin, hair and nails. I’ve recently starting taking these daily and have now almost finished my first box.

The ingredients are in bio available form, meaning the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body.  The supplements contain no fillers or binding and bulking agents and are supplied in vegan suitable capsules.

Beauty Totale was recently reformulated with the addition of CoQ10, Resveratrol and bio-pine. I’m not going to list all 24 ingredients and explain what they do (I can picture your glazed eyes now!) but I will pick out some key ones.

Before that, though, I should mention that Fushi say the supplements penetrate cells at a deeper level to promote a radiant complexion and healthy hair and nails, as well as help strengthen the skin’s natural defence against sun damage.


Key Ingredients:

Alpha-Lipoic acid, Biotin and Silica – good for skin and hair
Vitamins C, E, A, K, and B complex - improve skin health and help reduce stress
Vitamin A - helps repair and regenerate skin
Zinc – works against acne and other such problems
Silica and Vitamin C - contributes to collagen formation
Essential amino acids - support elastin and collagen production
Beta-carotene and Vitamin E - help skin’s natural defence against the sun
Co Enzyme Q10 - assists rejuvenation of collagen and elastin
Resveratrol - helps reduce oxidative stress
Pine Bark - helps protect against free radicals and oxidisation
Spirulina - provides essential fatty acids to nourish the skin

The ingredients are to be found in food, of course, and often in skincare too (albeit in a topical form). But it’s knowing whether our bodies get enough of these essential nutrients through our diet that is the big question. And that’s where supplements can help - acting as a bit of safety net just in case we aren’t.

You take two of these capsules daily, with 250ml of water. Drinking the water has been the challenging bit for me – I still dislike the taste! The capsules themselves don’t have a particularly enjoyable flavour, but then they’re not unpleasant either - I recently tried some that really were! As with all supplements, they’re not recommended if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Have these supplements made a difference? Well, I feel tip-top. My hair, skin and nails are all behaving themselves currently. Whether that's down to the supplements it's impossible to say, for sure.

There are 60 capsules in each box of Fushi Beauty Totale supplements (one month supply), and they are priced £16.45 at Naturisimo here.

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