Friday 1 May 2015

June Bracelet Arrives in the UK - #BeSunSavvy

Last July I ran a post on the June bracelet, one of the most innovative beauty gadgets I’ve seen in some time.

The bracelet aims to help keep us safe in the sun by measuring UV levels at our precise location, and then warning us when we’re getting too much according to our skin type and hair/eye colour. It measures UV levels via a special sensor located on the bracelet, which transmits the real-time data to a phone app.

At the time of last year’s post the device was only available in the US – Apple’s flagship retail store in Covent Garden knew nothing about it when I spoke to them! But the June bracelet has just now arrived in the UK at Space NK here.

As someone who takes sun protection extremely seriously (I’m prone to melasma but everyone should worry about preventing premature skin ageing), this wearable beauty device truly appeals to me. The maker’s Netatmo have done a fine job of creating something that is attractive to look at.

The bracelet resembles jewellery more than it does a piece of computer wizardry. The strap is leather (it also comes with a silicon strap band for sports) and the sensor is made to look like a jewel - you can choose between a gold, platinum or gun metal black ‘gem’. 

As well as warning us when our sun exposure level is getting dangerously high, the app will give personalised tips such as what level SPF to use and when to pop on your sunglasses or hat. Some of this might be considered as a bit of a gimmick but when you’re stretched out on a sun lounger, soaking up the midday Spanish sun (mad dogs and Englishmen and all that!), it may not always occur to take the necessary protection steps.

The one face-wincing feature of the June bracelet for me, though, is the price. At £118 the technology doesn’t come cheap. Also at present it is only available for the iPhone 4s and newer models. An Android version is under development but Natatmo told me this week that a launch date has yet to be confirmed.

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