Thursday 21 January 2016

Avene PhysioLift Eyes – A Stand-Out

With Avene being one of the more forward thinking brands when it comes to embracing women aged 30 plus, one hopes that it might soon dispense with phrases like  ‘deep wrinkles’ on its product labels. 

I’m not picking on Avene (loads of brands use such terms). I mention it as it was a point that cropped up during discussion at the last meeting of the 30Plus Blogs Collective, which Avene was hosting and showcasing its new PhysioLift line (story here).

But brand labels aside, the actual formulations inside the PhysioLift packaging are nothing to be sniffed at.  There are five products in the range: a day cream, a day emulsion, a night balm, a wrinkle filler and an eye balm. They all come in airless dispensers, with the wrinkle filler supplied in an airless pen-pipette for precise application (though I do find it a bit tricky to use).
Everything is reasonably-priced (between £22 and £29), and suitable for sensitive skin (while I don’t have that, Avene is renowned for its gentle formulations).

I’ve been using all five PhysioLift products together for the past few weeks, with good results (more hydrated and softer skin). But there is one that really stands out for me – PhysioLift Eyes.

As we get older skin becomes thinner and drier, and nowhere is this more apparent than around the eye area, where skin is thinnest and where fine lines usually form first. I must spend more time testing and trying out different eye formulations than any other!

PhysioLift Eyes is rich and balmy, and feels immediately soothing. It’s described as having a ‘patch’ like texture which mimics skin, improving the absorption of the active ingredients. From the texture you can tell there’s silicon present here  (dimethicone) – personally I like silicone as not only does it feel silky but it also helps to heal and protect skin.
The way Avene suggest you apply the balm is specific. You use it in the evenings only and after (rather than before) the PhysioLift night balm (of course there’s nothing to stop you using it in conjunction with any favourite night formula).  You dab it gently onto the eye contour and along the brow arch.

Key Ingredients

In addition to the silicone, another ingredient that jumps out is sodium hyaluronate. This is the salt of hyaluronic acid. We all know that hyaluronic acid is found naturally in skin – it holds 1000 times its weight in water – and we lose it naturally as we age.

However, hyaluronic acid doesn’t easily penetrate the skin. Sodium hyaluronate has a smaller molecular structure, so it is able to penetrate more deeply. When it comes to hyaluronic acid and its derivatives, molecule size in topical formulations is key (you don’t want them to just sit there on the surface doing little beyond hydrating – it’s the reason why injectables such as Restylane that go directly into the dermis are so popular).

PhysioLift Eyes gets a big thumbs up. My eye area looks immediately better after I’ve applied it, smoother and more hydrated. If you have dry skin and the start of fine lines developing around the eye area, I think this one to definitely give a try.

PhysioLift Eyes costs £22 for 15ml - Boots is running a 3-for-2 offer at time of post here. More on Avene here.

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