Monday 11 January 2016

Oxygenetix– “The World’s Most Breathable Foundation”

Billed as the most breathable foundation on the market, Oxygenetix has become a firm favourite in Hollywood.

Since launching in 2008, it has become the foundation of choice for many celebrity make-up artists including Patty Bunch (who uses it on Lisa Kudrow and Melissa McCarthy among others) and on American hit TV shows including  Glee, American Idol, CSI, Heroes and Law & Order.

But despite its skincare properties and A-list billing, Oxygenetix is not a name that automatically springs to mind when you think of an everyday foundation. Outside of Hollywood its primary focus has been within medicine as a post-procedural foundation – for which it was originally developed.

So why every day? It’s a case of needs and musts. Sometimes skin needs a foundation that lets it breathe better, for example if skin is sensitive and prone to breaks out, or if wearing foundation for hours on end (20 hours is not unusual on set) is causing issues.  Perhaps sometimes we’d just rather use a formula that we know is better for our skin.

Key qualities

-    Contains an oxygen complex that promotes collagen production and connective tissue growth
-    Aloe vera gel (many foundations are water-based which can attract bacteria)
-    Transfer and water resistant (stays on for hours even in humid conditions)
-    Ingredients include vitamin E, grapeseed extract, green tea, hyaluronic acid, salix, alba extract (flavonoids) and glycerine
-    25SPF UVA/UVB

The foundation is said to feel like a second skin almost.  And those were precisely my words when I first tried it – before I’d read any of the marketing blurb!

It’s quite wet when you apply it (I noticed this more when I swatched – perhaps you can see that in the pics above and below).  Wet it has a lovely sheen to it, and once absorbed it becomes almost ‘at one’ with your own skin.
Freshly Applied

This truly feels like you’re not wearing foundation, only you are because the skin looks better, more even toned and smoother, and in my case a shade darker (the sample here is beige). It feels feather-light on the face.

There are 14 shades of foundation to choose from, from pearl (lightest) to chakra (darkest). There are seven yellow base colours and seven blue base colours (these can be mixed for a precise skin tone match).

Price? Ok, this isn’t cheap. A 15ml bottle will set you back £45. Having said that, one pump of foundation gives me enough to cover the whole of my face.

The Oxygenetix Foundation is available from Cult Beauty here.

PR Sample 
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