Wednesday 25 May 2016

Alchemy Organic Super Blends Sport Elixir And Energise Smoothie Recipe

Prepping my body for exercise and replenishing it just after is something I have only recently started to fully appreciate.

Going to the gym, attending fitness classes, running outside or whatever it is we do to stay fit is all well and good (and it is good!), but we won’t benefit completely unless we look after our bodies at other times too.

Alchemy Organic Super Blends Sport Elixir is a blend of six plant-based nutrients designed to aid recovery after sport.

The idea behind it is convenience. Rather than rifling through our cupboards, struggling to find healthy options to add to our meals, a few scoopfuls of Alchemy will give us all the nutrients we need.

The Sports Elixir is a blend of organic hemp and pea protein, lacuma, wheatgrass, moringa and acai.  It is Soil Association, Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society approved, and the ingredients are free of fillers, flavours, preservatives, sugar and stevia.

To Use

Add 2-4 heaped teaspoons to water, juice or favourite smoothie after exercise.  Each 10g serving provides 32kcal, 3.5g protein, 2.4g carbs (of which 0.9g sugars), and 0.7g fat (of which 0.1g is saturated).
I experimented a bit, adding spoonfuls to various different foods to see what works best (for me). Without doubt it’s the smoothie option that does.

The powder is pea green in colour and has a fairly strong leafy smell.  First I tried adding it to a glass of water. It mixed well with a bit of stirring but I didn’t particularly like the taste. It wasn’t unpleasant; it was just a bit too wholesome for my likig (these things are personal).

Next up I tried the smoothie option. Yep, this was more like it! I got sent a couple of recipes with the sample bag, ‘Get up and go’ and ‘Transform and Energise Smoothie Bowl’. The first is a vegetable smoothie and the second fruit.

Being of sweet tooth, I opted for the latter. It is totally delicious! I’ve included the recipe for you below. Quick tip: I would add the elixir powder at the end (I found it mixed better in my rather basic smoothie maker, though a NutriBullet would probably handle it no problem).

I added quite a bit more milk (about 100ml) as the mixture was very thick, though consistency is down to personal taste. My fruit mixture was blueberries and strawberries as I couldn’t find raspberries – it worked just fine, though use raspberries if you can as the taste is better. Also, for a change, try omitting the ice cubes and using fresh fruits (except banana which needs to be frozen). This creates a milky smoothie with a fruitier flavour, though frozen fruits and ice cubes are just perfect for hot Summer days!

Transform and Energise Smoothie Bowl

1 tbsp Energy Elixir
2 frozen coins of banana
2 ice cubes
Handful of frozen blueberries
Handful of frozen raspberries    
Dash of coconut water or filtered water
unsweetened nut milk (dash or more if preferred)
dash of vanilla or cinnamon powder
1tsp of nut butter

Blend ingredients and enjoy with a swirl of coconut yogurt

Organic Super Blends come in four different varieties: Sport, Morning, Beauty and Energy. They cost £40 for a 300g bag (30 servings) and can be bought here.

Post contains PR samples

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