Friday 13 May 2016

Sirco Fruit Juices – Getting to the Heart of Things

I suffer from a condition called Raynaud’s. When it strikes (randomly it seems) the ends of my fingers turn white, become numb and feel cold. My hands take on this very weird two-tone appearance. I also get regular migraines.

The two are linked, in as much as they are both to do with poor circulation. They occur when blood vessels collapse, stopping the blood from flowing through them smoothly. I am on prescribed medication for my migraines as they are pretty nasty.

I’ve read a fair amount on both conditions over the years, so have become fairly knowledgeable. But one thing I didn’t know until very recently is that there’s a fruit juice available that promotes healthy blood flow. It’s called Sirco - and it’s widely available in supermarkets.

Sirco contains FruitFlow, a natural ingredient derived from tomatoes. A particular extract in the fruit (as yes tomatoes are a fruit) is said to help maintain normal platelet aggregation, contributing to healthy blood flow.

Looking at the wider picture, Sirco is about heart health. Our heart needs more than just strong arteries and low cholesterol levels to function properly. It also requires smooth platelets. When blood vessels become inflamed, the platelets become spiky and clump together.

Sirco comes in two flavours: Apple & Blueberry, and Orange & Pomegranate. I’ve been trying out both over the past few weeks, as part of a varied and balanced diet and lifestyle (for that’s key to health generally).

Now, I don’t like the taste of tomato juice one bit, and I can assure you there is not the slightest hint or twang of ‘tomato’ here. Both juices taste exactly as you would expect and want them to – just like regular juice.

They look pretty much the same as each other in colour and I don’t have a preference on flavour – I’ve enjoyed the taste of both.

One glass (250ml) is a single daily serving, and the active ‘tomato’ ingredient is said to work within three hours of drinking and remain in the blood for up to 18 hours. The juice counts towards our five a day and FruitFlow is accredited by the EFSA [European Food Safety Authority] as helping to maintain cardiovascular health and benefit circulation of the blood.

•    contains no added sugar, no sweeteners
•    has no preservatives
•    has no artificial flavourings or colouring
•    is naturally fat free
•    is 50 calories per 100ml

The one thing I would mention is the relatively high sugar content – 10.6g per 100ml (Apple & Blueberry), compared to 9.2g in the bog standard apple juice we normally drink at home.

Does it work?

The million dollar question. It’s impossible to say. Raynaud’s strikes randomly and my migraines are linked to my hormone cycles. It’s true that I haven’t suffered any further Reynaud’s attacks since starting on Sirco, neither have I had a migraine for that matter. But hand on heart (get it?), I don’t think Sirco will cure either; I see it as something extra I can add to my daily diet that might ease my symptoms - and if you already drink fruit juice, why not?

Sirco Apple & Blueberry costs £1.89 for 1 litre from Ocado here. And the Pomegranate & Orange costs £1.75 from Sainsbury’s here. More on Sirco here.

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