Tuesday 22 April 2014

Sisley’s Eye Contour Mask – My Top Rated

If you follow @FaceUpBeauty on Twitter you may have seen my rather ridiculous haul of Sisley products, bought back in Feb during a very uncharacteristic single brand spending spree at John Lewis.

I never used to buy Sisley because of price. But then I got introduced to a particular product that so completely blew my mind it changed everything. That product is Sisley’s Eye Contour Mask, and it sparked my love affair with this very chic French beauty brand. 

For the last couple of years I have used an eye mask regularly, at least once a week. For a while I was fond of Origin’s No Puffery cooling mask for puffy eyes - not that I’ve ever had particularly puffy eyes but I do like the way this light green gel cools and brightens the delicate skin under the eyes. Because it’s so cooling it’s a great product to take on hot summer hols – roll on roll on!…

Next I switched to Darphin’s Eye Sorbet Mask after initially liking and buying it. But I have to say with use I’ve become less keen. I am still using it as I’m not wasting the cash I forked out for it but it’s quite a thin cream and feels more like a daily eye moisturiser than a treatment mask. It won’t be a repeat purchase.

Which brings me on to Sisley’s Eye Contour Mask...

 ... I got talking to a Sisley rep at Selfridges Birmingham last October and she gave me a sample. I fell in love with it from first application. At £79 for 30ml it’s a bit pricey, but hey, cost is secondary when something is this good. Actually, ml for ml it isn't horrendously more expensive than the Darphin (£28 for 15ml), though it is more than three times the cost of the Origins (£24 for 30ml).

The Eye Contour Mask is a very thick gel, almost paste like, a consistency I really like as it feels so nourishing on the skin. It is light green in colour out of the tube but once applied becomes transparent and sits on the skin like a gel patch.

Sisley describes it as an express smoothing mask to rehydrate and smooth away signs of fatigue. It is formulated with a combination of plant-based actives, vitamins, and oligo-elements including malachite and chlorella.

Oligo-elements are trace elements and essential for cell function. Chlorella is a single-cell green sea algae high in vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids and helps to detoxify skin cells. Malachite, meanwhile, has antioxidant and detoxifying qualities.

The mask is removed after 10 minutes and continues to work via a thin film it leaves on the skin. My preference is to apply it last thing at night and actually leave it on overnight.

I can’t comment on how good this mask is at tackling dark circles and puffiness as I suffer from neither. But I have yet to find a mask that matches this one for the way it helps smooth fine lines around the eyes and rehydrates the skin. This is a truly magical mask, and is a beautiful accompaniment to my daily eye cream, currently Temple Spa’s incredible Eye Truffle (review). You can buy Sisley Eye Contour Mask here.
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