Monday 28 April 2014

HealGel Body – Tried and Tested Review

HealGel has an interesting story. The brand was started by a team of leading medical experts (4 plastic surgeons and a biochemist) and the actress Natasha McElhone, who became involved following the sudden and tragic death of her husband, the celebrated plastic surgeon Martin Kelly.

Their collective mission: to pool years of research into anti-ageing and skin healing to create a new breed of skincare.

I became an early convert to their launch product, HealGel Intensive. I bought the serum a few years back after developing a rather nasty episode of skin inflammation and irritation on my face - thanks hormones! It’s so soothing and calming, a wonderful salve. I try to always keep a tube of it in the house.

HealGel Body, the newest member of the family (news story), is very much in the same vein. From the list of ingredients through to the price point – at £39.50 for 100ml cheap this product is not – HealGel Body is a formula for skin in need of serious TLC.

How it works

The HealGel line contains silicone, firmly established to be the optimal healing ingredient for scar treatment (and yet surprisingly not without detractors). This forms a matrix beneath which active ingredients, packed in a liposomal system, target the deeper layers of the skin where they are needed most. 

In HealGel Body we have arnica montana flower extract, well known for its calming and soothing properties, especially the reduction of bruising and swelling, redness and sensitivity. Another plant-based active here is madecassoside, derived from centella asiatica, which is associated with the maturation of scar tissue through the stimulation of type 1 collagen.

Any good? Is it lovely to use?

I don’t have any serious skin issues right now but even without any specific problems I did find this a joy to apply each morning and night. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now. 

It’s immediately cooling on the skin and has a charming delicate fragrance. My skin is on the dry side and I found on my legs it absorbed very quickly. It moisturised but by evening I did find that my legs needed a top up, so I was getting through the tube quite quickly (not great at this price point).

HealGel say this formula works exceptionally well as an aftersun replenisher, and that is exactly how I see this fitting in to my beauty regime going forwards. This is not your everyday body cream - which for me has to be rich, luxuriously creamy and highly fragranced.

For me HealGel Body is a product for specific applications, for those occasions when our skin needs some outside help with healing and repairing itself.  For that I am happy to pay a premium, though I must confess this is nearing the tipping point.

At this time I think HealGel Intensive offers better value for money, because you use a lot less of it. Perhaps HealGel Body will prove me wrong come summer, when I’m nursing a sunburnt shoulder - heaven forbid that should ever happen, so never say never!

HealGel Body can be bought here.

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