Monday 13 October 2014

Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes – Review with Before and After Pics

The way we dress our eyes can make a massive difference to our overall look. Our eyes are the focal point of our face, the feature most people notice first. I spend more time experimenting with different eye shadows, mascaras and colour sticks than with any other makeup.

One quick and simple way to draw attention to our eyes is to extend the length of our lashes. Yes, mascara is wonderful at doing this, making our eyes look bigger than they are naturally, and there are some really fab mascaras – Benefit They’re Real is a particular favourite.  But there are ways of taking lash length and fullness a step further.

One of them is false lashes, of course. For some these are great, but I’ve never been able to get along with them. I find falsies difficult to apply, as well as heavy and cumbersome to wear. I’m convinced they’ll fall off while I’m out and about, or worse, peel away slowly from my eyelids as I’m talking to someone I wish to impress!

So, a few months ago I decided to give brush-on fibre lashes a go.  Wow! What a revelation!

I didn’t really do much research before settling on Magnifibres. My tube was bundled with a Latest In Beauty box I brought over summer. This box came with a Glamour magazine edited bunch of products and cost £16.95 – less than the cost of Manifibres on their own! I do so love Latest In Beauty boxes!  

I did say that I find false lashes difficult to apply, didn’t I? Well these brush on fibre ones are easy peasy. It takes just a few minutes and I think I could do it with my eyes closed (OK, not really but you get my drift).

Simply brush on a coat of your normal mascara and follow with a coat of the Magnifibres. Wait 30 seconds and then apply a second coat of mascara. Voila! That’s it. You can repeat for a more dramatic effect if you wish.

Magnifibres come in a mascara-like tube with a wand. The fibres themselves are white and very fluffy. Magnifibres recommends tipping your head down slightly when applying to avoid any fibres getting in to your eyes. I don’t do this and I’ve never yet had a problem.
Stages of application: natural lashes (L), 1 coat mascara (M), Fibrelashes applied (R)

The fibres are said to instantly lengthen lashes by up to 5mm. It’s a bit beyond my level of dexterity to get a ruler out and measure my actual length gain but visually I can tell they are longer and thicker by some measure.  The before and after pics above and below hopefully show this too. Also, my dad, who’s not one to pipe-up much when it comes to women’s make-up looks, did a double take when he saw me and my ‘very long lashes’ walk past!

The pics below show the final look, compared to natural lashes.

I am very impressed indeed with this product. I have been using it almost daily for 2 months. The fibres never flake, and none fall off during wear. A single application will last until I remove at night with a regular make-up remover. I also wear contact lenses, which could potentially add an extra challenge but doesn’t.

For those who like make-up to include some skincare (don’t we all?), Magnifibres also contain lash conditioning Panthenol.

Magnifibres deliver a marvellous flutter for the money. They’re simply super. You can buy them for £16.99 at here.
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