Monday 17 November 2014

5 Tips to Keep Skin Glowing this Winter

I feel the cold terribly. As soon as the chilly weather arrives, our boiler goes into overdrive. And when it gets really nippy outside the wood burner goes on too (our house is old and not well insulated). All this heat does a grand job of keeping me snug and toasty, but it wreaks havoc on my skin.

Stepping outside doesn’t help. All that cold air, with low humidity and biting wind, further saps moisture from our skin.  We can’t win! Except we can, provided that we take the right steps.

Here are my top 5 tips for making skin glow this Winter:

1. Invest in a good moisturiser

Use an oil-based one. This will seal water in the skin and preserve moisture better when humidity is low. I love Espa’s 24hr Replenishing Moisturiser (reviewed), and Nourish’s Argan Skin Renew (reviewed). Both are oil rich and gorgeously scented.

2. Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen

The sun’s rays in Winter can still damage skin. Slap on a broad spectrum UVA/UVB product with a minimum 30 SPF.  I’m currently using a US product recommended by my dermatologist -  Elite SPF 30 – which contains Zinc (a super sunblock) and antioxidants. It costs $30 for 50ml here. If you like a lightly textured product I can highly recommend L’Occitane’s Immortelle Brightening Shield SPF40, £34 for 30ml here.

3. Don’t neglect lips

I have neglected mine to my cost in the past. If you let lips dry out they can crack and bleed - nasty! Once this happens it’s difficult to get them to quickly heal again. Apply a protective balm frequently. Trilogy’s Everything Balm is jam packed with oils such as rosehip - £12.50 for 45ml here.  Or, if you feel like splashing out on something super luxurious, try Shiffa’s Healing Balm (reviewed).

4. Exfoliate

Dead skin can build up in Winter and clog pores. Exfoliating will slough off the top layers and also allow topical skincare to penetrate better. Be wary of what you use though – harsh scrubs can scratch (avoid them!). Ginvera’s Exfoliating Marvel Gel is, well, rather marvellous! (reviewed). It’s so gentle that you could use it daily. Alternatively, use a chemical exfoliator such as Nude’s Miracle Mask which contains natural AHAs, priced £38 for 75ml here.

5. Protect Hands

These are exposed to the elements as much as our faces, and so should be lavished with the same care. I confess I’m not very attentive to my hands - one of my 2015 New Year resolutions will be to take better care of them! Exfoliate hands once a week.  When I do remember to do this I use one of my face scrubs I have kicking around that I consider  too granular (scratchy) for my face - I always seem to get at least one face scrub with every  ‘gift with purchase’ deal!

Also, use a hand cream and re-apply frequently. I’m currently loving the L’Occitane Delightful Rose Hand Cream I got free with last month’s Marie Claire (reviewed). Also gorgeously rich is Diptyque’s Luxurious Hand Balm £24 for 50ml here. Finally, use a sunscreen. There aren’t many hand creams with SPF built-in. If yours doesn’t, use one of your face or body SPF products instead.

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