Wednesday 26 November 2014

ReAura Home Laser Discontinued – A New Cheaper Version Rumoured

ReAura RIP.

Rumours that Philips has stopped manufacturing the ReAura have been circulating for some weeks.  As a devoted owner and user of the home laser machine myself, I have subconsciously been putting the rumours to the back of my mind. 

That is very out of character for me – I would normally ‘bust a gut’ to get confirmation of such an important story. But I truly didn’t (and don’t) want to believe the stories! I love my ReAura (reviewed here and here)!

Yesterday though I contacted the Philips press office to find out what exactly is going on. They got back confirming the news.

“Sadly, despite the popularity of ReAura with those who have bought it/tested it and the amazing results seen, there just wasn't enough demand to continue selling the product so we have had to discontinue it,” a spokeswoman said. “We will of course still support ReAura users, they can contact our consumer care via any of the normal channels if they have any concerns or queries.”

The consumer care number is 020 7949 0240, and the general consumer support can be found online here   and FAQs on ReAura here. 

Sadly, there seems little chance of snapping up any final stock. Space NK, which had initial exclusive distribution rights, is no longer selling the ReAura and neither is John Lewis. In fact, I can’t see the ReAura for sale anywhere, online or otherwise, apart from the odd eBay seller. 

The big worry for existing users is sourcing ReAura skincare - I can’t find any for sale anywhere currently.  The Laser Performance Gel enables the ReAura to glide smoothly across the skin. In the user manual, Philips says not to use any other gel for this purpose. 

Philips has told me there are other gel and cream products available that will work with the ReAura and that its skin experts will advise on that shortly.  As soon as I know more, I’ll update… 

At £800, the ReAura is one of the (if not THE) most expensive home beauty devices out there. It’s considerably more costly than any other machine I own – and I have a few with hefty price tags! - but it's also one of my most effective. I've had great results with it.
Understandably, users are shocked at the news. Yesterday I logged on to Essential Day Spa, which hosts a very popular ReAura user forum. Users there complained of a lack of information, and are concerned about ongoing support and sourcing the gel in particular. 

Philips launched the ReAura in 2011. Since then, Tria Beauty has introduced a rival rejuvenating laser costing half ReAura’s  price (though there are key feature differences between the two).  Space NK is now selling the Tria.

There are rumours that Philips is planning to replace the ReAura with a cheaper, cut-down model to better compete with Tria. The press office said it is not aware of any new ReAura model at this time.  

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