Tuesday 3 March 2015

REVIEW: A Celebrity ‘Red Carpet’ Facial with Revere Clinics

Cinderella may be a fictional character belonging to fairytale lore, but she's not the only one with easy access to an instant 'red carpet' beauty fix.  

Celebrity red carpet facials are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who want to look their best for a special event. One such treatment is available from Revere Clinics, a leading cosmetic dermatology clinic located in London’s Harley Street and Northwood in Middlesex.

If you read my special preview of the upcoming Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show 2015, here, you may know that I had the privilege of experiencing one of these treatments at first hand.

Rather than wrap the whole experience up in the show preview, I thought it warranted its own separate post. So here goes…

The HydraTite Facial 


HydraTite, to give my Revere Clinics facial its formal name, combines two treatments:  The HydraFacial, to exfoliate and hydrate skin; and EndyMed Deep 3 radiofrequency (RF), to lift lax skin. The radiofrequency in particular appeals to me as it’s a non-surgical alternative to dermal fillers. It uses heat to stimulate collagen deep within the facial tissue, resulting in an immediate lifting effect.

The main pic is me near the start of my mini session. Neither of the two treatments were painful. I could feel a light suction on the face as the HydraFacial cleansed and hydrated. Deep 3, being heat-based, felt warm and comforting. Occasionally, I’d feel a slight prickle of heat, but the treatment is moderated to individual skin type and sensitivity levels.

After my mini session ended, I was given a mirror. My skin was red where it had been treated, but it didn’t feel hot in the way that my skin does after a Fraxel laser treatment.  The redness soon subsided and I was left with a subtly yet noticeably tighter jaw line. I was delighted!

I did dash to the ladies after to apply my bb cream to cover the redness, though by this time most of it had gone. While I was there I decided to take some snaps (including the one above) so that I could show you. Sorry I didn’t take any before pics but trust me my nasolabial folds here are smoother than normal. The treatment also gave my skin a healthy ‘red carpet’ glow.

The effects last for up to 72 hours but results depend on skin age and condition. It’s the perfect facial for special events and occasions, though to retain lift a course of 6 weekly 3Deep treatments (approx. £1000) is recommended, followed by top-ups (£200 a time) every 3 months or so.

You can find out more on Revere Clinics at this year’s Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show, May 16-17, where they’ll also be showcasing some of their other procedures including their pioneering signature treatment Ping, which targets signs of ageing affecting the eye area.

Have you ever had a ‘red carpet’ facial?

More on Revere Clinics here.
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