Monday 16 March 2015

Rio Beauty Deep Pore Cleanser – Does More Than You Might Think!

Rio Beauty. There’s a name that takes me back. Rio Beauty was the first brand of home beauty device I ever bought, in the days when the blog was a mere twinkle in my eye!

The product, the 60 Second Face Lift, was the one that sparked my passion for professional beauty treatments adapted for home use.

The 60 Second Face Lift is still around today, and has since been joined by a number of other Rio Beauty products, one of which I’m reviewing today, the new Deep Pore Cleanser. I was recently sent one to try and I have been using it daily for the past few weeks.

The Rio Beauty Deep Pore Cleanser does more than its name might suggest.  As well as cleanse, it also exfoliates, infuses topical creams and tones the skin.

It uses two different types of technology to deliver its four treatment modes, galvanic and faradic. Both pass tiny electrical currents through the skin. That might sound scary but they are extremely safe and have been widely used in professional settings for years. I am a huge fan and have seen tangible results over the years from both.

Briefly, galvanic improves the skin in two ways: by desincrustation (deep cleansing) and iontophoresis (infusing). Faradic, meanwhile, uses gentle electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to tone and firm skin.

In the box you get the following: the handheld unit, a stand, a 50ml tube of gel cleanser, batteries, a pack of cotton wool, two fixing rings (to hold the cotton pads in place while deep cleansing), plus a manual. The latter is jam packed with useful diagrams explaining exactly how the device works and how to use each programme.

The manual also includes a table with treatment suggestions based on the main skin types. So, for dry skin like mine, it suggests daily deep cleansing, skin prepping (gentle exfoliating) and moisturising (infusing).  It recommends all skin types supplement the daily routine with a weekly ‘facial’ (including toning/firming).

The device has ‘high’ and ‘low’ treatment intensities. Beginners or those with sensitive skin are recommended to use the ‘low’ setting. Each treatment takes 5 minutes to complete, so the weekly facial takes 20. 

The unit cuts off automatically at the end of each session, so there’s no need to worry about over treating or setting a stopwatch (you’ll be surprised but not all my home beauty devices have auto switch-off – mentioning no names Anti-Ageing Lightstim!).

So, on to using the device. It’s easy. There are two metal plates at each side. Place your thumb on the inner side and fingers on the outer, then press the metal head gently against your face. NB: the device will only function if all three contact positions are made. You’ll know if you’re holding it right as the device vibrates and emits a whirring sound in all four modes.

The device defaults to deep cleansing when switched on. To change the function you press the mode button. The other thing to note is that in all four modes you move the device in slow circular movements across your face, from the centre moving outwards.

Deep Cleanse

Soak a cotton wool pad with water and place on the device head, securing with a fixing ring (the cotton pad needs to be wet at all times). Apply two dollops of cleanser to your face. The cleanser you get in the box is really quite decent. It’s a clear gel which feels cool on the skin and has a good slip. It contains aloe vera and vitamin E.

As a seasoned home beauty device user I went straight for the ‘high’ setting -  though quickly knocked it back down to ‘low’! I felt quite a kick when deep cleansing. It’s not an unpleasant sensation (more a mild tingling), and I did get used to it, but it is different to what I’m familiar with (notably ultrasound and sonic cleansers – the latter being equipped with a brush, so obviously a completely different experience). Interestingly, though, Rio Beauty says it's 'prep' and 'refresh' modes where you are more likely to experience any tingling.   

As a way of measuring the effectiveness of the deep cleansing, I conducted a quick experiment. I did a fairly decent sweep of my face with a lotion cleanser before using the device. The pic below shows the extra muck that came off after. Yes, quite!


Apply regular or exfoliating toner, then treat.  I like to use a spritzing toner as it soaks the face really well and helps the device to glide better. Even with a spritzer, though, I found I had to reapply toner frequently (I later doubled up with Avene Thermal Water spray as this really gives a drenching). Note: I do have dry skin - those who don’t would perhaps need to reapply less often.


My favourite mode. This was just brilliant for my dry skin. I loaded rich moisturiser on to my face and the device infused every drop, leaving my skin beautifully soft. Even my ‘takes yonks to absorb’ The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask sank in quickly!  I really love this mode!


First apply your regular serum, moisturiser, or even a sheet mask! I happily tolerated the higher treatment strength here. At the end of the 5 minutes my skin felt invigorated and, yes indeed, refreshed and more toned.    

Final Thoughts

What I like about the Deep Pore Cleanser is that it does so much. If you’re a home device virgin or have a cleansing device already but are looking to upgrade to something with additional functionality, this would be a great choice.  At £149.99 it might not be what you’d call cheap but when you factor in everything it does (the infusing and skin toning in particular) then it compares favourably.

You can also use it in conjunction with your regular skincare, unlike some devices that require you to buy special creams. This really helps keep down ongoing maintenance costs.

You can buy the Rio Beauty Deep Pore Cleanser here.
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