Saturday 19 September 2015

3 Fabulously Hydrating Concealers – To Suit All Budgets

Concealers can be our best friend, but they can also be our worst enemy. The right formula for our skin type applied correctly can do wonders to hide the tell-tale signs of too many late nights, or the shadowy blue veins under our eyes as skin thins (a common age-related problem).

But the wrong formula even if applied correctly can make dark circles and fine lines appear more prominent than they really are!

As we age, skin becomes thinner and drier. Mine certainly has and it’s why when choosing a concealer not only do I look for the right shade (a tone lighter than my natural skin colour) but also one that’s going to hydrate. A dry formula applied over dry skin? You get the picture?

I’ve struggled to find really good moisturising concealers, particularly ones at a low price point, but these three stand out for me, whatever your budget.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer - £7.99 for 10ml

A total bargain! While the driest of the three concealers featured, it’s a relative point and for the money this really is surprisingly moisturising. It’s a fruit cocktail of melon (hydrating), raspberry (antioxidant), and apricot (radiance).

This gives good coverage and doesn’t clog, though I do top-up the hydration after a few hours by tapping a bit of serum under my eyes (my current fave for doing this is Dr Organic  Snail Gel Eye Serum, another bargain at £12.99 available here. The Bourjois concealer is available from Boots here.

Benefit Fake-Up Concealer - £18.50

This is an unusual one! If you look closely at the top of the tube you’ll see there’s a balm running around the outside of this concealer. That is what delivers the hydration, and it’s very moisturising indeed!

The colour concealer is in the middle and as you apply, these two elements blend together, so coverage is seamless - in case you were worried!

This is available in three shades. I have the lightest and use it as a highlighter to brighten up the inner corner of the eyes. It’s brilliant for that and has a lovely sheen to it (something you can see in the pic below). Available here.

By Terry, Densillis Concealer - £44 for 7ml

OK, this is pricey but oh so good. This is the most hydrating of the three, and the one I turn to when budget allows. It’s very fluid (so  blends effortlessly) and feels light on the skin, though still gives full coverage.

One application of this really does last me all-day long. It’s also supposed to be skin firming, though personally I’d rely on skincare for those benefits. Available at Space NK here.
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