Tuesday 1 September 2015

Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age and SubQ Eyes – Potent and Affordable

Hylamide SubQ has been enjoying big blogger love since its launch earlier this year. Caroline Hirons and British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham are both fans, and Jane in particular speaks highly of the company behind the brand Deciem.

Hylamide is a range of anti-ageing serums designed to tackle key signs of visible ageing (Deciem also now has a range of booster serums to tackle more specific concerns). What makes it stand out are the competitive price points for such high concentrations of active ingredients.

SubQ Anti-Age* - £30 for 30ml

What it Claims to Do?

Boost hydration on multiple levels, tackle fine lines and wrinkles, improve dynamic lines and skin texture.

Tackling hydration is speaking my language! As we age skin becomes dryer, contributing to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s why hyaluronic acid, being the fabulous moisturiser that it is, is so often found in anti-ageing skincare (and serums are a particularly effective delivery system).

However, the molecule is too big to penetrate skin, and so hydration stays at surface level. To get around the problem Deciem has added five different weights of hyaluronic acid, two of which are low-molecule weight to target the problem deep down (although how deep without the aid of an invasive tool such as a needle has been questioned).


Other Key Ingredients:

Copper Lysinate/Prolinate – to boost and support collagen
Nonapeptide-3 Retino-Complex – to improve skin cell health, said to be better than Retinol with less irritation
Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 -  advanced form of Matrixyl to improve surface lines and wrinkles

Does it work? 

Deciem says to apply am and pm, and expect to see results in 10 days! Hydration levels in my skin have been improving for some months now, as has the elasticity. I put this down to the use of better skincare, and small changes to my diet and exercise regimes (both body and facial).

It’s impossible to measure the precise impact of SubQ Anti-Age (I’m not using it in isolation) but skin does feel more plumped and quenched after applying it, and it remains perky all day. I’m happy with that, and I’m particularly happy with that at a £30 price point!

Hylamide SubQ Eyes - £27 for 15ml 

Firstly, this is half the size of SubQ Anti-Age, so is almost double the cost! But it’s for the eye area only and is much thicker in texture, so you use less.  I reckon I’ve got another week or so of the serum left, making my bottle last around two months in total. Nevertheless, it’s an important point to consider.

What it Claims to Do?

Tackle under eye circles, loss of elasticity and fine lines.

Key Ingredients:

Flavanoid Glucoside Bio-active – to reduce visible darkness under the eyes
Darutoside Complex – to lift upper lid appearance and reduce visible “sagginess”
Waglerin-1 Peptide Complex – to reduce the look of dynamic lines
Nonapeptide-3 Retino-Complex (see Anti-Age ingredient list above)
Fluorinated Perfluorocarbon Complex – to tighten under-eye area

Does it work?

Apply am and pm, ideally after SubQ Anti-Age. I adore this serum! It’s my favourite of the two. I love the thick texture, and while I can’t attribute results precisely, the hydration levels, skin firmness and fine lines around my eyes have improved since first using it. Yes, I wish it was a 30ml bottle for £27 instead of a 15ml, but I have spent more on eye serums for less much return. 

The Hylamide range is available now at Boots here. More on Hylamide here.

*PR Sample

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