Monday 21 March 2016

Beauty Buzz: From Trending Spring/Summer Looks to Yet Another Instagram Backlash

My pick of beauty news from around the web, delivered in bite-sized form (it's been a while since I last ran this feature!):

Metro – The Unicorn Braid Trend

The next semi-updo hair trend is the Unicorn braid. It’s a straight braid in the middle of your hair parting. It was created by extensions specialist Tatiana Karelina and first seen last month backstage at Felder Felder. Celebrity fans include Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen and Nina Dobrev. Now the look is popping up all over Instagram (naturally). What do you think? More here.

Grazia – the Smokey Brow Trend     

This Spring is all about the smokey brow - bold natural arches. Audacious and polished but still soft and feminine, the look is all about filling any gaps and highlighting the brow bone beneath to enhance the shape. Style icon: the American actress Zendaya. More here.

Grazia – Crop Your Fringe for Spring 

Bold cuts – they’re another hair look for SS16. Cropped fringes in particular are going to be the thing.  It’s a look we’ve seen before, of course, where fringes fall somewhere between the hairline and the brows. I like bangs but not cut this short, sorry! More here.

Harper’s Bazaar – the 5 Best Makeup Trends for Spring

Harper’s Bazaar uses an interview with American actress, TV presenter, former Miss Universe (I could go on) Olivia Culpo to showcase 5 hot new beauty trends for Spring. The looks are Dark Romance (dark cherry lips), Pastel Palette (rosy and bubblegum pinks), 90s Supermodel  (bright gold and dark copper eyes, shimmery nude lips), Candy Apple Red (bold red lips) and Blue-Eyed Girl (self-explanatory!). More here.

Marie Claire – 5 Festival-Ready Hairstyles that are Actually New and Cool

If you’ve got Festival plans this year and looking the part is important to you, then Marie Claire has five ‘new’ festival hairstyles for you to try. They are heavy metal, hair tapestries, crimped hair (hey, I thought these were supposed to be ‘new’?!), hair tattoos and glitter roots. If you fancy the sound of any of these, you can check them out here.

Cosmopolitan – #NoFacetune, the new #nofilter hashtag

And finally… a backlash against the use of photoshopped pics on Instagram has been the subject of much debate, but are things finally happening? The Facetune app, as you probably know, enables you to erase imperfections in photos. But now there’s a new ‘anti’ hashtag doing the rounds on Instagram, #NoFacetune. Bravo! More here.

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