Friday 4 March 2016

Cult51 Immediate Effect Serum – The Only Serum You'll Ever Need?

When a formula comes with more than 40 skincare claims and ‘instant results’ to boot,  it’s only natural to raise an eyebrow.

But when said product has earned a cult following and a slew of five star customer reviews (google it), feelings of scepticism start to mingle with a sense of curiosity.

Cult51 Immediate Effect Serum claims to tackle virtually every skin-ageing concern ever thought of, from fine lines and wrinkles, to dark circles, uneven tone, sagging, photo-ageing, age spots and thread veins. There’s a handy leaflet inside the box which lists all the improvements in skin  appearance you can typically expect to see.
Cult51 further says ‘visible results’ in just 15 minutes, including a 47% reduction in wrinkle depth, smoothed expression lines and firmer skin, was well as a brighter, more nourished and hydrated complexion. 

Key actives:
-    Peach kernel extract
-    Vitamin E Complex
-    Hyaluaronic acid
-    Aloe vera
-    Amino acids and peptides
-    Pomegranate
-    Seaweed

Apply morning and night to the eye area, where expression lines are usually most pronounced, but it can be used on any part of the face. Cult 51 suggests first timers apply to one eye, wait 15 minutes, then look in a mirror and compare the difference.

The quick comparison test is easy to administer, and was the first thing I did!  The serum does have an incredibly silky texture, one of the glossiest and smoothest I’ve come across. Skin feels instantly nourished and hydrated, though you’d expect that from any formula freshly applied.

I took before pics, and waited 15 minutes.  Time up, I took more snaps (that seems a fairer test than comparing left eye with right as I have slightly deeper lines around the former). I didn’t see any noticeable reduction in wrinkle depth after 15 minutes but my skin was considerably more quenched (sorry that doesn’t show up in photos).

Results are said to be cumulative and having been using the serum daily now for almost a month, I have grown to love it very much. Skin feels firmer and smile lines seem shallower, partly I think because my skin is retaining more moisture – that’s normally a massive issue for me.  I don’t suffer with some of other skin issues it is said to address such as dark circles and pigmentation (any more!).
Improved smile lines
Whether hydration is down to the serum entirely is impossible to say (diet, exercise and sleep all play a part too, plus other products in my daily skincare routine) but for me this serum is a keeper. My skin is looking healthier and fresher than it did before I started using it.

Cult51 Immediate Effect Serum costs £95 for 30ml and can be bought at Cult Beauty (no connection) here. More on Cult51 here.
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