Wednesday 29 June 2016

NEW: Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction – Camouflage Without Heaviness

Vichy’s original Dermablend Fluid foundation is one of the few full-coverage bases that I can wear without it feeling cloying. It’s a brand best-seller.

But now there’s a new kid on the block that’s overtaken it in my affections: Dermablend 3D Correction.

The principle behind Dermablend 3D Correction is that it contains all the camouflaging effects of layering in one single product. So rather than masking imperfections with multiple applications of primer, concealer and foundation, you just use this one gel-based formula instead.

The oil-free gel contains pigments and soft focus agents. According to Vichy, these combine to form a soft velvety veil on the skin, covering up acne and other such skin imperfections in just the one application for up to 16 hours.

Key ingredients include:
Salicylic acid - a gentle exfoliant
Eperulin - an anti-redness agent for calming and cooling

Any good?

This is quite different to the original Dermablend. It’s thicker in texture, and as you’ll see from the pics above it also swatches darker - I’m using shade 25 in both (note: the skin on the inside of my arms is much paler than my face).

I’m not sure if the shade disparity applies across the board but once I started to blend, the 3D version lightened up to pretty much match the shade of the original formula. Also as you blend, the formula morphs into something much finer and smoother.

Yes, I’m definitely getting the fine velvety veil thing. This foundation feels almost weightless and it has a notable smoothing and blurring effect on the skin – like you’ve mixed your primers and foundation together. 

The level at which it covers I can test up to a point – I have some small patches of uneven pigmentation and I get random spots. Those it handles brilliantly. I don't suffer from acne, but Vichy says it handles even the most aggressive form of it.

What I really like about this new Vichy formula is that I can get away with applying the bare minimum and still get a good level of smoothing and blurring. And although it is drier in texture fresh out of the tube, it blends to leave my skin looking more hydrated than the original.

Dermablend 3D costs £21.50 for 30ml. That’s a few quid more than Dermablend Fluid (£18) but it’s a step beyond. You can buy it here.

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