Thursday 6 March 2014

Face Up Beauty Has Had A Makeover

Followers and frequent visitors may have noticed something different about the blog today. Yep, it’s had a facelift (dreadful pun, but I couldn’t resist – sorry!). As well as a new logo and fresh branding, Face Up Beauty now features a different colour scheme, an updated layout, and a number of additional features, including a ‘popular posts’ section and a site search box.

Since launching Face Up Beauty 8 weeks ago I have become a little obsessed with blogging, well beauty blogging to be precise. I was already pretty fanatical about skincare and beauty, and now that I’ve found an outlet for it which also feeds my love of writing, well, my addictions are being well and truly fed.

I have been very moved by the friendship and support from readers and fellow bloggers, as well as the help I have been getting from beauty brands, who in the main have been only too happy to return my phone calls and emails, and provide me with the information I need for writing my posts. 

I want to say a big thank you to my very dear friend Maylin Gouldie, who designed the new logo for me. Maylin is a superbly talented storyboard artist and has worked with a number of major beauty brands on high profile projects. Check out her website here.

I want to finish by saying a massive thank you to you for stopping by my blog and reading my posts, especially in these early launch days when it’s quite a challenge getting yourself noticed in a very saturated playground. If there is anything you’d like to see covered more on the blog (or perhaps less!) please just shout.

Tracey x
PS: I hope you like the new-look!  
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