Sunday 30 March 2014

Tackling Sun/Dark Spots With Spotner Hands and Body – Mum’s Tried And Tested Review

Applying a broad spectrum high SPF to my face is as much a part of my daily skincare routine as cleansing and toning. I’m sure this goes for anyone who wants to protect their skin from sun damage and premature ageing.

But how many of us pay the same level of care to our hands? I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t. Yet our hands are just as much exposed to the sun as our faces, if not more so. Our faces can shelter under a wide-brimmed hat in summer without too much bother but our hands? Donning gloves in August might attract some odd looks, not to say give us rather smelly sweaty hands!

Unprotected sun exposed hands can lead to the early onset of pigmentation spots, those tell-tale signs of sun damage and ageing. Fortunately, if we have got them there are products available that help to lighten the spots and limit the onset of new ones. One such product is Spotner, for hands and body.

The UK distributor for Spotner, Zurego, recently got in touch to ask if I wanted to test the product. I immediately knew of one person very close to me who would love to give it a try - my mum!

My mother has some pigmentation spots on her hands and on her arms and she really hates them, so I sent off a couple of the pens for her to try.

My mum is now at the end of her 4 week trial on both arms and she is delighted with the results. Here is her story:


Mum's Report


What is Spotner?

Spotner is a triple action cream loaded with ingredients to lighten, renew and protect skin. It comes in a pen-like applicator which makes it easy to apply the product to just those parts of the skin that you want to treat, thus avoiding any wastage.

Spotner’s triple action solution works via:
-    Lightening: key ingredients include alpha-arbutin, gigawhite and sepiwhite. Together these act to lighten skin and block the formation of melanin
-    Skin Renewal: AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) work to exfoliate and brighten skin, plus encourage skin renewal 
-    Sun Protection: both UVA and UVB and very high SPF 50

To apply you turn the bottom of the pen until the white lotion comes out of the applicator tip - it may take a few turns to get going first time. The lotion is then applied directly to the problem area/s and left to dry (make sure the cream is dry before applying other products on top). Treatment is recommend twice daily – I used it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.


Before Spotner  (top) and After (bottom)
I first saw results after 7 days and progress since has been gradual and steady. Do go carefully when applying though, as initially I was getting through the cream at quite a rate and with an RRP of £19.99 for 2ml it’s not especially cheap (deals are available). A single pen lasted me around 5 weeks.

So far Spotner has been more effective at tackling my sun/age spots than other products I have tried over the years. I’ve been encouraged enough to buy myself additional pens in the hope that I’ll see further improvement.


Spotner can be bought directly from Zurego here or ordered through pharmacies and from Amazon.

PR Sample

Zurego is offering Face Up Beauty readers and followers the opportunity to buy Spotner at the special price of £9.99 inc. delivery, a saving of £10 on the RRP. Go to and enter the coupon code 732Y9 at checkout. Offer ends June 30th 2014.
Neither myself nor Face Up Beauty are earning any commission of any kind from the sale of Spotner via this offer or any other. This is a money off promotion I am offering via my blog purely for the benefit of my readers, should they wish to purchase the product.

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